Happy Sunday to you Cancer! We’re so happy that you chose to visit Today and check out your daily horoscope for Cancer. Your lesson today is that challenges make life interesting and it’s how you react to them that makes all the difference in the world. Brush off the dust from the past week and check out what Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has in store for you today.

What to expect

Reading is fundamental and fun and inspirational at any age. Today, try to make the most of your free time and look for a library where you could find some interesting books.

Your thirst for knowledge seeps through and you want to let your imagination run wild. It's never too late to take up a new passion, so get your hands on some fascinating literature. Remember Cancer that every word has its weight, so don't say anything today which you may regret.

Follow the willow tree’s example today, especially when it comes to dealing with emotions or discussions about topics that could get heated. One reason willow trees always survive storms is that they know how to bend--and instead of breaking, once the thunder and lightning have passed, they simply bounce right back. So today Cancer, bend with the current influences, and you'll snap back in no time.

Romance is in the air with maybe a little tinge of...scandal!

Please use your head today Cancer. The thrill of risk taking is exciting but it can be very dangerous as well, so act wisely. Romantic opportunities will present themselves but whether or not it's the kind of romance you can talk about is an entirely different story. If either of you isn't fully available at the moment, you'd better keep quiet!

Once jealousy becomes involved, things could spiral entirely out of control.

Recent developments have left you exhausted and drained. Uncomfortable situations may have also led to ugly arguments and differences of opinion in your workplace. It’s normal that your mind will be heavy with these thoughts and wonder what you could have done differently--you may even be tempted to settle scores!

Retribution, however, will not get you anything positive. So avoid conflicts like the plague. Light green is your lucky color today.

How to get through your day

Be a little selfish, Cancer. If others can demand what they want and get it, then the same applies to you. Stop accepting second best and be honest and straightforward about what you want. There's no need to beat around the bush simply because you want to spare someone's feelings. You will do everyone a favor by laying it out clearly. Forget the mind games and playing with people’s emotions because such actions will later come back to haunt you.

That's it for today's daily horoscope for Cancer. We hope you enjoyed it and will share the reading with your friends on social media. Have a wonderful Sunday and remember to always listen to your inner voice.