Happy Sunday greetings to you, Taurus! As you journey through this day, remember to be strong enough to stand alone and that those who envy you are already beneath you, wishing they were at your level. Don’t worry about them. Your daily horoscope for Taurus is ready for your perusal as Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars have in store:

What to expect

There's nothing quite like a day of solitude, curled up with a good book or watching a movie to unwind. So today, Taurus, treat yourself to relaxation and if you can find the time later, take a nice nap.

As for tonight, don't even think about going out. Family matters deserve your attention so show them that you care. If you are of the second decade, expect chic, enjoyable sex with a rather passionate persona and if something doesn't go as you'd like, don’t be too capricious. The stars are working their magic on something better to send your way soon.

Ouch! Why can’t some miserable people just let you be? Today, you get slightly worked up because of one irritating individual who’s trying to provoke you and looking for a huge reaction. But, could it be that they actually have a point? Would changing your mind and your ways on this matter actually benefit you in the long run? These are all very good questions to consider--you mightn’t want to, but for the stars’ sake, why not try?

If there was ever a time for the beginning of a cosmically destined romance, this for you, is definitely it! All the planetary lights are green. Neon green so you can see them clearly in fact! So when you're invited out today, do yourself a favor: forget all about washing your hair, doing your grocery shopping or any other shallow excuse you had lined up to avoid this.

You may find yourself in an undesirable company and this could undermine your reputation and all that you stand for. Tread carefully as we are known by the company we keep and the unscrupulous individuals around you could pull you down with them. Instead of falling into disrepute, spend some quality time with friends and family or else introspect about your achievements in the past: that should keep you positively occupied.

Avoid wearing the color dark blue today.

To get through your day, Taurus

Return to and relish your most primal state Taurus--it’s time for your inner child to come out and play. Some of life's most important lessons are the ones you learned when you were a youth. Return to that state of mind and embrace the simplicity of life you experienced then and in a way, miss now. Remember what it was like to live without care and live that way again. Life is only complicated because you make it that way.

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