Welcome to your daily FinanceScope for Leo! Astrologer Megan Wilson discloses what the stars are saying about the occurrences in your life. Read on to find out more as she examines the barriers you will face and discusses how you should deal with what is to come.

What to expect

In general, people do not tend to put their arrogance on display. We are taught to demur from the time we are children, pounding your own chest is considered the height of rudeness. Self-aggrandization is usually a role reserved for celebrities. Whether we project it onto them or they project themselves at us, is another matter.

Outside of this traditional category, there remain those people who decide to strut their stuff anyway, whatever we may think of their actual status. So now it is raining on everyone. Don't let that sour you, or keep you from being kind enough to share your umbrella, Leo.

Leo, today a Caribbean island is calling your name. Go forth and book a flight to explore the unknown shores. Some sand and sea would be inherently refreshing. You could watch the Big Dipper in the clear night skies, smell the salt in the air. For those born in the first decade, you are advised to think carefully about what caused you to lose your control. Trading at too high a volume will likely result in you being completely wiped out.

Involvement with the stock market will today finally reap some awards. Developments are leaning towards the positive, and speculations are likely to turn out well despite the risk. Fruit will be borne by those willing to take on some risk. You are currently in a stable enough financial situation that you can get some rest, and your profile is solid, so do not be nervous.

Be sure to make well-reasoned choices, and you should be fine.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Leo, tie up loose ends and see to the difficulties that are currently cluttering your work space. Your patience is near its limit, and you may be ready to consider putting all this aside for a few weeks. Even a dynamo must rest sometime.

Now or later, most of what needs dealing with will not bother you for more than a month, even if you end up ignoring it entirely for a while. Take comfort in the fact that it will pass and decide if you could do with a break or if you would rather stick it out until the end. Neither option will cause you to lose face, do what suits your mood. Understanding yourself and your needs is the first step to truly understanding what is going on around you and the impact you have on events.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, don’t forget to come back again tomorrow for more updates on your sign and please feel free to share with your network online. Have a nice day!