Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Libra! Join Astrologer Megan Wilson as she receives the transmissions of the stars. Have you been wondering about what’s next in your life? Are curious about how your past has affected the present? Have you been wondering about the decisions you are called upon to make? Read on to find out more about what’s ahead.

What to expect

Goal setting is all very well and good, but the truth is in its execution. The commonality of purpose can be a wonderful thing. Why cause yourself more trouble than you need to by working at cross purposes with others?

You should dig deeper, you could probably find some Common ground. Your goals may be closer than you think if you would stop the slyness long enough to have a proper discussion. Be more open to sharing resources and knowledge. Try not to be so possessive of your business partners, Libra. Problems hidden beneath the surface do not have the same power if you draw them out into the light and banish the darkness. Working together with others can be a thing of true beauty.

Today the stars will call on you to look honestly at your presumption, Libra, evaluate yourself by digging deep down into your soul and reveal the motives which have led you to err in your actions this time. Well-deserved rewards are coming shortly.

The age old buy low, sell high, continues to apply.

Today will be fruitful for professionals at work in an assortment of sectors, but this is definitely one of the more positive days for those involved in business endeavors. Your industry will prosper and as you may well be aware, many lucrative options for employment are popping up.

Hold tight to your focus despite the distractions. You have exhibited a willingness to work hard, which, combined with your proven honesty will allow you to present your most inviting self in an interview.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Libra, remember that this is to be a year of growth for you. Do not stop this progress through petty infighting and attempts at infiltration and sabotage.

Keep your core of honesty intact. Discuss openly your issues with the parties involved and work amicably towards solutions that are satisfactory for all parties. You will find a new ally among those you previously considered to be obstacles. An increase in your responsibilities is ahead, you will meet the challenge with your usual panache, but you should not be afraid to ask for assistance when you require that extra help.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Libra. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to look in tomorrow for more updated information on your zodiac sign and please feel free to share with your friends online. Have an enjoyable day!