Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini! Astrologer Megan Wilson seeks the knowledge of the skies on your past and the questions you must soon face. Join her as she opens herself up to receive the messages they are sending you today. Let's get started with more on how you can protect your financial future. Read on to find out what’s next.

What to expect

Cross talk is impossible to escape, everyone is chattering and offering their opinions while your boat continues to slowly sink below the waters. All that discussion and yet still, through all of it, no assistance is rendered.

Remain patient, Gemini. You will save yourself in the end. Ultimately all the intellectual discussion will lead to the netting of that big catch; the idea that will finally pull in the money.

How well do you know yourself, Gemini? You may be more surprised at what is hidden inside, even from you. All those doubts you have swirling around, your indecision, and the errors that you keep making; today you should try to connect more fully with your inner psyche. If you are looking to invest today, you should postpone the decision. Reflecting more fully on where you want to deposit your cash is never less than a wise call. Wait until the way is seen clearly. All those with an Ascendant in Leo will be served best by attempting the formula of combining forbearance with quick action, in order to attain results.

The right opportunity will reveal itself to those that exhibit the right attitude. When the time comes, all that will be required is the unwavering determination to strike. Go for it!

Today you may gain something from a hobby you indulge in. Before starting to weave any castles in the air, you should evaluate whether this hobby of yours can be seriously considered as viable.

It may or may not be enough to be turned into a career. Even if not, additional income streams will prove handy. Full advantage should be taken of this exceptional opportunity!

How to get through your day

Some source of income that is not coming in through your normal revenue will be useful. Perhaps if you are inclined to sew, are good at certain sports or able to take professional looking photographs, you may find that yourself stumbling on a money making opportunity today.

To get through your day, Gemini, enjoy something that has to do with the arts, something apart from your usual staid work related activities. Allow your passions the room they need to expand and grow. How much fun would you be able to have if you did what you enjoyed? Take a chance on some activity that will engage your hands as well as your mind. Maybe try doing some do-it-yourself renovations to get started on something physical and fulfilling.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini. If you’ve appreciated this reading, be sure to check in tomorrow for more up-to-date information on your zodiac sign and please feel fr