This has been one of the longest funning debates since the popularity of the gaming industry. People are claiming from left to right that Consoles are better. Other gaming fans still prefer personal computers or PCs, due to its advantages.

Which is the better platform to play games these days? Let us check out the pros and cons of both platforms and decide from there.

Graphics: speed versus beauty

Consoles have it easy when it comes to graphics because it makes video games load faster. This is due to the lesser load of pixels that it needs to process, and they just compensate it for better graphic design.

With that in mind, the issue here is it is not maximized to its full potential compared to the other platform.

The PC on the other hand brings out the maximum beauty of the video game. It almost makes 3D models look realistic with better animation, colors, design, and more. It also uses more features to make it more realistic like realistic flow of hair/fur, grass animation, realistic water ripples, and so on.

Gameplay: steady FPS versus 60 FPS

Another feature of the consoles is its steady frames per second gameplay or FPS. This allows Video Games to have lesser lags and bugs, which makes gameplay smoother and faster. While it has steady FPS, the problem is that it is mostly up to 30 FPS on some games.

The PC allows the highest possible FPS, which is about 60 frames per second. This is favorable for players of first person shooter games like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield.” Reaction time is really important in multiplayer battles, which is why having 60 FPS is important.

Having 60 FPS also makes gameplay look smooth and faster, and that attracts a lot of gamers who want fast action gameplay.

Most millennial gamers these days love to have faster reaction time, which is why they tend to play games that offer 60 FPS.

Multiplayer: Free multiplayer versus paid membership

Another difference is the multiplayer scene of the video games for these platforms. The PC offers no membership fee for their multiplayer games like on Steam and Origin.

Players can just pair up or find other players right away in their games without worrying about a fee for getting in a lobby.

For the consoles like the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, their multiplayer features need a membership fee. To gain access, players need to sign up for the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live respectively. These services do have bonuses like free games, exclusive discounts, access to multiplayer, and more.

Keep in mind that there are several Console Games that have free multiplayer access. Most of the other console games need membership fees though.

So, what is the verdict between these platforms? Does the PC have the better incentives or do the consoles have it better? In my own opinion, it is a matter of preference and where I am comfortable with.

I prefer the consoles because I am comfortable with the steady FPS, the graphic speed, and I do not play multiplayer anyway. I do have a lot of PC games, but most of the time I invest a lot of time and money on console games.

Check out this video that compares the PC and the consoles: