When visiting Texas and addressing the victims and survivors of the horrific floods caused by Hurricane Harvey, while also trying to stay out of the way, President Donald Trump expressed no mercy, sympathy or compassion for any of those assembled. Additionally, the President did not even mention those who had succumbed to the flooding and perished, or their surviving family members and friends. Trump did talk about himself, and about the "terrific job" that his Administration is doing of addressing the devastating hurricane and its deadly aftermath, including massive flooding.

Offensive vanity

In a display of vanity never before seen in any President, even Richard Nixon, Trump did find time to discuss how important it was for him in how he is perceived in five to ten years from now for his handling of the massive storm and ensuing floods. He stated that what mattered to him was that in five to ten years, people would "look back" at his handling of this threatening event and say, "This is the way to do it," according to The Huffington Post on Wednesday. In other words, the President did not express any compassion for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and their survivors; but he did take the time to tell those very same survivors how he wants to be perceived in five to ten years.

It does not matter how the victims' families and survivors are feeling right now, just how he will be viewed years from now for masterfully handling the crisis so well.

Trump wore a USA baseball cap that he sells on his website for forty dollars. His wife Melania wore a cap with the letters: FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States).

It was unclear if the First Family plans to sell Melanis FLOTUS hats as well. But according to the Huffington Post on Tuesday, Trump wants people to say to themselves: “I would really like to wear that hat, and I’d be willing to pay that man $40 for it.” It is yet unknown if such devastating vanity is passed down in one's DNA.

The loving arms of a nation

In an editorial a couple of days ago, this columnist expressed how crucial it is that Trump show the people of Texas that he cares about them, feels their loss, understands their fears, and cries their sorrows with them. Furthermore, when situations such as this arise, it is the President's responsibility not only to go to the affected areas and to express his sincere condolences and compassion, but also to tell those assembled, and those watching on television, that all of America shares their grief, sorrows, and fears. It is only when victims and survivors feel that others are there for them and that the whole country feels their grief, that hope emerges. It is the President's job to provide his constituents, including the people of Texas, a semblance of hope.

It is not only the role but also the obligation of a President to bring a beacon of sunshine to the suffering and to encircle the loving arms of a nation around them.

Sniping Ted Cruz

Meanwhile, Texas GOP Senator Ted Cruz is requesting federal funding for the families, survivors, and victims of Hurricane Harvey. The funds also would go to rebuild Houston, Galveston and other areas of Texas that were adversely affected by the hurricane and the devastating floods that it caused. To some, Cruz's request seems a bit hypocritical because he voted against providing the same kind of federal funding for those affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2013. Cruz, upon being questioned about this, stated that there would be "time for sniping" later, according to the Huffington Post.

This isn't about sniping, Ted, nor is it about "the Donald." It is about the victims, families, and survivors of a natural disaster and America's love, benevolence and compassion must be brought forth, and now.