As someone who started seriously watching Marvel movies because of 2003's "Hulk" and again in 2011 for "Thor" (well, Chris Hemsworth), my interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was renewed with 2014's "Guardians of the Galaxy," and since then, have been watching their new movie offerings. Now, we will talk about "Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Spider-Man: Homecoming and why many moviegoers liked it

Personally, I was not much of a Spider-Man fan but I came out of the movie theater satisfied - as well as the bulk of the moviegoers: kids and their families.

I was able to see the first "Spider-Man" movie in 2002 but it was just "okay." The next ones with Andrew Garfield, sorry to say, I kept falling asleep to, no matter how I tried to repeatedly watch it.

This latest movie was refreshing, I felt, because of to two major factors: Tom Holland, who was adorably funny in this sort of geeky, cute way and of course, Michael Keaton as The Vulture (oh wow Batman is a villain!). I found myself saying "he is so cute" to Holland's antics numerous times and cringing when Keaton would appear.

Anyway, I was well aware of "spider-sense," one of the coolest things I found the superhero to have. Spoiler alert, when Tom Holland was being tossed around in his fight scenes with The Vulture, it made me wonder, "Hey, what happened to his spider-sense?!"

Absence of "spider-sense," explained

Now, of course, many die-hard fans were questioning what happened and why "spider-sense" was not included in "Homecoming." Director Jon Watts had an answer for this.

According to Collider, Watts said that the new Spidey movie should not be compared to what fans have seen before. Well, the kids did not notice it, of course. Watts added that spider-sense was featured well on both Marc Webb and Sam Raimi's installments.

Watts went on to say that Spider-Man's heightened reflexes could be something that fans could look forward to, as it is developed over time in the upcoming movies.

He also said that they could maybe do it in another way or manner. One more thing, the director confirmed that this specific type of power is definitely from Spider-Man's own capacity and not from the suit Iron Man gave him.

So it seems we have to wait until the next movie comes along. Looks promising, right? Could be a way to make fans anticipate more about their next film.

How did you find "Spider-Man: Homecoming"? If you haven't seen it yet, it's still showing in theaters everywhere. Stay tuned with us for more updates.