President and Tweeter-in-Chief Donald Trump has become notorious for his seemingly unhinged rants on Twitter.

Whether a prominent politician or celebrity musters up the courage to criticize him, or somebody from the Clinton camp dares wake up and go about their day like a normal human being, we can all count on Trump to absolutely lose his s**t over it in 140 characters or less.

Just when we start to think that his Tweets couldn't possibly get any worse, he proves us all wrong. Every time. And if we're lucky, sometimes he even fires off several tweets in one go.

Trump's accusatory, oft-misleading and sometimes glaringly false tweets have raised eyebrows around the world, leading many to insist that Trump is mentally unstable and unfit to be president, among other things.

Even the GOP cringes at any indication that Trump's trigger finger is itching. Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, and even Speaker of the House Paul Ryan have rebuked him for his tweets.

Nothing seems to stand in Trump's way when he's in the mood for a blinding Twitter rampage, much to the concern, frustration and embarrassment of the rest of the United States.

Here are 10 of the most bizarre and insulting tweets the Internet has seen so far from none other than Donald J. Trump.

1. False Obama wiretapping claim

In possibly one of his most bizarre tweets (*knocking on wood before Trump tries to prove me wrong on this one*), Trump falsely accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping the phones in Trump Tower in New York City before the 2016 presidential election.

Not a shred of evidence ever surfaced in support of his claims. A spokesman for the former president issued a response, saying, "as part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S.

citizen," he said. "Any suggestion otherwise is simply false."

2. Why didn't Obama stop the Russians?!?

In yet another tweet trying to frame Obama for something he didn't do (I'm sensing a common theme here), Trump managed to essentially admit that the Russians did, indeed, meddle in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Trump denied any involvement and has publicly flip-flopped on whether or not he thinks the Russians actually influenced the election.

Not much else to say on this one, folks. It seems pretty self-explanatory to me (*cough* Trump is GUILTY).

3. My inauguration crowd was yuuuge!!!

A few days after his inauguration ceremony, Trump tweeted a photo of a large crowd gathered outside the White House, mistakenly assuming it was from his inauguration ceremony. However, the photo, gifted to him by photographer Abbas H. Shirmohammadi, was actually taken on January 21st- the day AFTER the inauguration- likely at the 2017 Women's March on Washington.

Trump was also mocked for his strong reaction to a photo shared online comparing Obama's and Trump's inauguration crowd sizes.

The photo from Obama's inauguration showed immense crowds of people, while the one from Trump's inauguration showed a crowd so meager that the photo captured more of the white tarp covering the ground than people.

Trump was so offended by the tweet that he personally hunted for the National Park Service member who tweeted the photo and even ordered an official investigation into it. The investigation, which recently concluded in June, confirmed that the National Park Service didn't doctor the photo.

4. Khizr Khan at the DNC doesn't even know me!

Muslim attorney and immigrant from Pakistan Khizr Khan, accompanied by his wife Ghazala Khan, took to the podium at the 2016 Democratic National Convention to deliver a scathing denunciation of Trump.

Khizr Khan first described losing his son, Humayun Khan, a U.S. Army captain who fought in Iraq, to a car bombing in 2004.

He continued by saying that his son, also a Muslim, would not have been able to enter the United States if it were up to Trump. Khan insisted that Trump “consistently smears the character of Muslims," and only wants to build walls and target groups like Muslims by banning them from the United States. He also questioned whether Trump has ever had to make sacrifices or has "even read the United States Constitution."

Trump, completely devoid of any sympathy for even a Gold Star family, attacked the Khans. He went so far as to imply that Ghazala Khan was not permitted to speak because of her Muslim faith.

Khizr Khan responded angrily, saying that his wife couldn't speak about her son's death because it was too painful for her. Trump was criticized by Republicans and Democrats alike for his actions against the Khans.

5. Mike Pence addressed by 'Hamilton' cast

No one was angrier than Donald Trump about Vice President Mike Pence being publicly addressed last November by the cast of the smash-hit Broadway production "Hamilton."

Contrary to Trump's claims in his inflammatory tweet, cast member Brandon Victor Dixon thanked Pence for attending the production and very politely and tastefully implored him to "uphold our American values." Pence, who was sitting among the crowd that night, is known for his stance against gay marriage and his controversial 2015 bill, Indiana Senate Bill 101 (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act).

Many who opposed the Act argued that it targeted the LGBTQ community by allowing businesses to decline them service by citing substantial burden to their exercise of religion.

6. Bleeding badly from a facelift

It's no secret now that Trump is not a fan of Joe Scarborough or Mika Brzezinski, hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." However, Trump took their feud up a notch or two (or 20), calling Scarborough "Psycho Joe" and Brzezinski "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" on Twitter. It didn't stop there, though. Trump took his tirade below the belt and announced that Brzeznski had been "bleeding badly from a facelift" when she asked to visit his Mar-a-Lago resort around New Years Eve this past year.

The tweets marked a new low for Trump and elicited outrage from Republicans and Democrats alike, with many insisting that his tweets were beneath the dignity of the presidency.

7. Beating up CNN

Another recent tweet that had Americans questioning the president's sanity featured a WWE broadcast edited to look as if Trump was brutally punching the CNN logo. Trump has made his hatred for CNN known on multiple occasions, but this tweet is probably the most that his feud with the news network has escalated so far.

Even worse was the fact that Trump retweeted the video from the Reddit user HanAssholeSolo, who has reportedly put numerous racist and anti-Semitic uploads on his account.

8. Comey tapes

After FBI Director James Comey was abruptly fired by Trump in May, Comey was summoned to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S.

elections. Trump (without fail) took it upon himself to threaten Comey on Twitter, likely in hopes of intimidating him into silence.

The Twitter threats proved futile as Comey delivered one of the most damning testimonies against a U.S. president in history. Trump later admitted that there were no tapes of his conversations with Comey.

9. John Podesta and DNC servers

Trump just can't seem to leave the Clinton camp alone, even almost eight months after his election victory. Before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany, this past week, Trump tweeted that everyone at the summit was talking about why Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta wouldn't hand over the DNC's servers to the FBI and the CIA.

In a blistering response, Podesta called Trump a "whack job" and reminded the public that he was never part of the DNC and therefore had no access to their servers.

10. Hillary only won the popular vote because non-citizens voted!

Trump just can't seem to grasp the fact that he didn't win the popular vote in the 2016 election, so much so that he insisted that Hillary Clinton's popular vote win was bolstered by millions of people who voted illegally.

In fact, he went as far as claiming that even Obama's 2012 election victory was supported by "dead voters."

No evidence was ever found to support either claim.