The world was shocked by the sudden death of the lead singer of Linkin Park. Cops found Chester Bennington’s lifeless body in his residence near L.A. He died at the age of 41 and his death was confirmed by L.A. County coroner’s chief of operations, Brian Elias, who believed that the singer committed suicide.

The short but happy life of Chester Bennington

Internationally acclaimed both for his free-flowing anguish as well as for his intense scream, Chester Bennington had successfully released a total of 7 albums with “One More Light” as the most recent.

Arriving in May, the latest album debuted overnight at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart. Bennington’s band was supposed to kick off with a concert tour on 27th of this month in Mansfield.

One of Linkin Park’s founders, Mike Shinoda, expressed his grief and said that he was devastated after hearing the news. Shinoda felt heartbroken as Bennington has been a close friend to him. After the legendary ‘Linkin Park’ split, Bennington began performing in a side project in 2013, ''Dead by Sunrise'' and he also joined Stone Temple Pilots and was heralded as its lead singer.

In May, Bennington responded to Chris Cornell’s suicide and wrote a note over his close friend’s death. That note he shared on social media and it he expressed how hard it is for him to go on without his closest friend.

The note reads: “I can’t imagine a world without you in it.” Cornell would have turned 53 on Thursday. Moreover, at Mr. Cornell’s funeral, he performed Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

Before Bennington’s death

Bennington was in a cheerful mood a week after the demise of his friend and started tweeting positively, announcing how artistically inspired he was.

This was his last tweet to which he added the ‘devil-horns hand gesture’ emoji, “Feeling very creative this last week. I’ve written 6 songs and I’m happy with all of them. Just getting started.”

But in spite of his tremendous success as an artist, he was public about his personal struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, fueling a number of his greatest hits as the lead vocalist of Linkin Park.

His 2009 interview with the website Noisecreep was among the most unforgettable and sincerest interviews the media could ever get from Bennington. He honestly said that he was able to beat into all the negativity that could happen to him in his lifetime by simply numbing himself to the pain, and kind of being able to break it off through music.

Although the death of Bennington is indeed a great loss to the music industry, his legacy will live on. Mr. Bennington tried so hard in his life, and in the end, it really matters.