The youngest Duggar daughter to get married is Joy-Anna Duggar. She married Austin Forsyth, 22, at the age of 19. But why did Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar allow her to marry at such a young age? The Duggar couple must have seen something in Austin that caused them to trust him with their daughter.

Austin Forsyth is an ideal husband for Joy-Anna Duggar

Here are some good traits Austin Forsyth possesses that make him an ideal husband for Joy-Anna. First, he has a job. His parents who owned a Christian camp, Fort Rock Christian Family Camp and Retreat Center in Combs, Arkansas told him that he need to flip five houses before he gets married.

Austin did it in time for his wedding.

Second, he and Joy-Anna have been friends for 15 years. The length of their friendship is more than enough time to ensure that both of them know each other very well. In fact, both love the outdoors and Austin has discovered the qualities that he was looking for in a future wife.

According to Austin, Joy-Anna is very diligent not only in the church but in their home. Third, the fourth Duggar son-in-law is responsible. In fact, he already procured a home where he and his bride can build their future family as reported by IB Times. Fourth, he is a God-fearing man because he came from a devout Christian family. His family was featured on CMT’s “World’s Strictest Parents.” His parents required them to take a vow of chastity before marriage.

Fifth, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar love him already. When Forsyth asked his father-in-law to court and eventually marry Joy-Anna, the head of the family did not have second thoughts as per Cafe Mom.They were married on May 20, five months advanced from their original wedding date which is October 29.

'Counting On' star and husband are already talking about kids

Their honeymoon was a dream-come-true for Austin because he wants to visit the scenic Switzerland. Now they are back in Arkansas and are starting to build their family. In fact, the new couple is already talking about having babies. As expected, they must bring forth as many children as they can just like the rest of the Duggar daughters.

Jill and Jessa have two sons each.

The couple follows the wishes of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar who want their children to live in Arkansas near the family home. Joy-Anna Duggar wrote on her Instagram account that Married Life is going great, she feels so blessed to be married to her best friend. Indeed, Austin Forsyth is a blessing to Joy-Anna Duggar.