The President of the United States does something shocking, un-presidential and/or downright insane almost every time we turn around. Eventually, he’ll bring us to the brink of annihilation if something is not done to stop him. That is what the 25Th Amendment is for!

Bully in Chief

Concerning Donald Trump’s tweet about Mika Brzezinski’s face; if any man, in a position of authority at any place of business looked at any woman and insulted her appearance or her sex, he would most assuredly be sanctioned, fired and/or sued for sexual harassment. If it was done online, a person might be arrested for cyber bullying.

Donald Trump would most likely never be seen behaving the same way with a man, and therefore it is harassment that is sexist in nature. This behavior is purely narcissistic. It is not presidential in any way. It is un-American. It is predatory.

The fear of being found out as a fraud, on both personal and professional levels likely over-rules The President's ability to control his impulses. Foot-in-mouth disease is apparently a natural result. I think this happens, because the source of the impulse momentarily allows the narcissist to feel grandiose and superior, and so justified. But for the president, that comes in the form of statements, not unlike those heard from bullies on kindergarten playgrounds before children learn that is not how 'social' is supposed to be done.

"You’re ugly! Fattie! Naneenaneenahnah!!"

25th for the 45th

I believe it is time to consider the 25th amendment. The emperor has no clothes and has apparently taken to running likewise in public. This president is going to go down in history for being the loose lips that sank our ship, so to speak. This is it, folks. We have reached a tipping point.

If we do not act swiftly and decisively, I fear this could end up being the end for America and possibly 90 percent of the rest of the species on the planet. This man appears to have the vocabulary, and emotional mentality, of a seven-year-old bully.

The man with the tiny hands seems to have absolutely no understanding of how a government is supposed to work, or how a president is expected to conduct himself.

He was born to money and has never once had to concern himself with how he would pay for medicine or surgery, yet he claims the right to make decisions for those who must.

His poor feet!

He dodged the draft five times, four of which were due to college, and the fifth, coming after education was no longer a matter, was based on a diagnosis of bone spurs in his feet. Yes, this college tennis, basketball, and football player conveniently avoided a draft, that sent 300,000 men to Vietnam, because his feet hurt; and yet he, somehow, feels justified taking the position of Commander in Chief of our military.

Any thinking adult could not avoid the glaring realization that the bare bottomed and illegitimate emperor has no knowledge at all about the carbon cycle as it pertains to climate change.

He evidently has no intention of learning about it. Yet he makes bold, false statements with a projected, yet unwarranted sense of authority. That, my friends, is the behavior of a megalomaniac.

Liar liar

When you tally these points up, with the understanding that he is clearly a liar, and very well may be a narcissist or sociopath, these behaviors are not simply scary, they are terrifying. You could probably ask hundreds of psychiatrists or clinical psychologists, and they would all concur, he has not the mental or emotional fortitude to act as president of the United States.

Donald Trump meets every single criterion, in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), for narcissistic personality disorder.

He is self-serving. He is absent of empathy. He is haughty and arrogant. He lies. The New York Times® seems to be having a wonderful time keeping track of the lies but to be on point, he has lied 117 times in his 185 days in office. It makes me shudder to think what it must be like to be that compelled to fib.