Rexy, we hardly knew ye. In your six months as our nation's top diplomat, you've made more headlines over your inability to get anything accomplished than for getting anything at all accomplished, which leaves getting nothing accomplished as your single biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State.

Newspapers all over the world are reporting that you are thinking about resigning because of your "disgust" over President Trump's recent comments about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This is perfectly understandable. The two of you have many things in common, such as the inability to accomplish anything.

The only major decision Jeff Sessions has made as Attorney General is to recuse himself from the Russian probe and turn over the reins to somebody else. That's a lot like applying for a job as a high school janitor and hiding in a broom closet when the first drops of upchuck hit the floor.

After all, it's not like FBI agents just seized smashed hard drives from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT administrator or anything. I mean, something like that could lead to the unraveling of the entire DNC and expose the greatest national security breach in American history. Who's got time for that?

Now, I've never met Donald Trump but, from what I gather, he's a man of action who likes results. And words like "action" and "results" aren't exactly the first words that pop into one's head when thinking about Jeff Sessions or Rex Tillerson.

Someone like Tillerson will never be able to play second fiddle

When it comes to Secretary Tillerson, it seems that the biggest hurdle in his path is his own massive ego. Sure, Trump also has a massive ego, but he's the President of the United States of America. We expect a little bit of ego when it comes to the Big Kahuna. But a big ego from a Little Kahuna?

Not so much.

I guess it's kind of hard to keep your ego in check with a name like Rex. Probably almost as hard as it is for a guy with a name like Fabio to keep his shirt on. If your name happens to be Fabio, you probably spend a lot of time riding barechested on the back of a white stallion. And if your name happens to be Rex, you're probably used to having things your way, all the time.

That isn't a bad quality in a Commander-in-Chief, but it's a horrible quality in a Secretary of State.

Tillerson's temper tantrums over personnel issues have been well-documented. He recently butted heads with Johnny DeStefano, who runs the presidential personnel office, and chewed out Messrs. Priebus and Kushner at the very same White House meeting. Witnesses described the encounter as intense and uncomfortable. But what came of it? Last I checked, most of the State Department's senior positions still remain unfilled.

It's reminiscent of a football coach chewing out his underperforming team in the locker room at halftime. He rants, raves, foams at the mouth, kicks a water bottle or two, knocks over the Gatorade and leaves the room.

If the team pulls out a come-from-behind victory, the coach is viewed as a genius. But, if his team fails to pull out a victory, the coach is typically given a pink slip and a $10 off coupon for anger management classes.

The only difference in this analogy is that, instead of chewing out his players, Coach Tillerson chewed out the team's GM, assistant GM and director of player personnel instead. Not too bright. Meanwhile, out on the field, China and North Korea are putting points on the scoreboard.

Why Tillerson really wants to resign

Like a true egomaniac, Rex will never admit to any wrongdoing. He'll blame the staffing issues on somebody else. He'll say Kushner or Priebus prevented him from taking the reins and getting results.

And, when it becomes evident that his team is in total disarray and out of playoff contention, he'll resign before he gets sacked.

This will allow him to save face and, as well all know, egomaniacs are all about the face. A true captain goes down with the ship; he doesn't wait for the ship to hit an iceberg and then place his skipper's hat on his first mate's head and say, "Okay, you're in charge now."

Yet that is exactly the type of "leadership" we've seen thus far from Jeff Sessions, and it is the type of "leadership" we're about to see from Rex Tillerson when he resigns-- which I believe he will.

But, at any rate, one thing is clear. The State Department is in need of a new head coach.