In the wake of the recent news that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers because of his discontent of playing with LeBron James, the crazy, hypothetical trades have begun. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, James will not waive his no-trade clause at any time this season. However, there’s nothing wrong with wondering who has the best chance of trading for James with the pieces they already have.

All of the following scenarios are unlikely. However, if the Cavaliers felt that they would rather keep Kyrie Irving, then these trades can help stir up a debate of what the best decision would be.

Kevin Durant for James straight up

Can you imagine what would happen to the Internet if that happened? It would shut down. Producers at ESPN would likely quit their jobs because this trade would be so epic. As unlikely as this trade would happen, this would be talked about for months.

Klay Thompson/Draymond Green for James

Another Warriors trade possibility comes to mind just because they have the superstars. The Cavaliers would get one of the best shooters in the making and the defensive player of the year. Can fathom a team that consists of Durant, James, and Stephen Curry. That team would win 82 games if they showed up every night.

The whole Boston Celtic starting rotation for James

This is mainly to help Celtic fans realize that they have no chance in every acquiring James.

The only way they will see him is in an opposing uniform.

Brandon Ingram/Julius Randle/Two draft picks/Luol Deng for James

The Lakers have been the rumored destination for James for months now. The Lakers love the idea of pairing James with Lonzo Ball. The Cavaliers get two young players, two players for the future, and a salary dump in Deng’s contract.

Ryan Anderson/Eric Gordon/all of their draft picks up to 2020 for James

The Rockets prove to the world that they will do everything to bring the banana boat team together. They will then wait two years for Carmelo Anthony to be a free agent and sign him to a small deal, while Dwyane Wade comes out of a one-year retirement and plays for the veteran’s minimum.

Kristaps Porzingis/Joakim Noah for James

Somehow, someway, the Knicks go back to their plan of rebuilding. They trade Porzingis to allow James and Anthony to play together for a year in the big apple. The Cavaliers get a young piece to build with Irving. Noah has to come over in part to a salary dump, but then they buy him out.