If you think Twitter has whopper comments try the New York Times. Today two biggies from the trump establishment delivered an op-ed touting Trump's international vision, and the comment barrage was fierce. Here is the article and by going to it you can find the comments.

The Op-Ed

It reads like MAGA meets boilerplate "government speech."

We are left to infer what underlying meaning there might be. It cannot instill confidence.Trump is inscrutable moment to moment.

But, then he reveals his true and consistent colors. These spell out things like Gorsuch, Trumpcare, trashing the environment, and lies about Russia. The real Trump is always the problem.

The Times comments

I am confining myself to comments that have more than 50 recommendations.

Mimi from New Jersey writes, "The only thing this false advertisement disguised as an editorial does is prove you're both part of the problem. " Douglas from Colorado adds, "The authors were thought to be two of the more respected players Trump brought into his inner circle. No longer after reading that bit of tripe.": These are quite mild.

Defending our values

In a well-recommended message, Virginia from MA says, "A president who mocks disabled people, attacks parents of fallen soldiers, and who suggests that US soldiers who get captured and tortured are losers is not defending our values."

The problem in the eyes of Nyt responders is that these men work for Trump.

A patience problem

Phil from Rochester, NY makes the argument: "Trump doesn't have the patience, much less the vision to even understand what McMaster and Cohn are writing about." In his well-reasoned note, Phill observes that Trump was unable to concentrate during one-to-one conversations and focused during a concert on an image of Putin listening to it.

One pro-Trump

There is one note among those that gained coveted recommendations that refuted these comments. It got 10 recommendations. It said Trump had made America great again. Unquestionably The Times is not Trump's base.

In another note, Paulo from White Plains says the NYT piece is an effort to spin the fact that Trump failed on his European trip, was clueless about Qatar and was essentially teaming up with oligarchs and jettisoning democratic values.

341 Times readers agreed.

Beyond division

There may be no forum where a Trump friend and enemy can feel at home. That is sad. Families have been divided by the Trump presence. Clearly, Trump dominates any discussion. He seems to be the sum of dreams and nightmares. We need to move beyond him.