There are two Americas. There is the America of Democracy in which the people as a whole know what they want and express their wishes peacefully, and there is the GOP which serves interests that do not want democratic solutions. They want solutions that will pad their bank accounts and gratify the prejudices they live by. Democratic America is the America that emerges when you note poll after poll and they all say the same thing.

Most want Obamacare and bipartisanship

According to democratic America, most people want to see Obamacare continued and improved.

We are seeing the spectacle of the GOP Senate giving serious consideration to legislation that democracy has rejected from day one. Democracy wants a progressive, even liberal, agenda but the GOP says "no" and that we are a republic.

We are a democracy with checks and balances

The right to veto democracy time after time is being exercised because voters keep electing Republicans. This is because the Republicans have lots of money and few compunctions about lying. As long as voters vote against what they say they are for, we will suffer indignities like the present GOP charade around Trumpcare.

The NY Times explains that Obamacare is Working even after all the GOP efforts to ruin it.

It says 71 percent of the American people want the GOP to work with Democrats and make the law better. There are clear improvements that would please everyone. However, you would never know this from the news. The news is all dickering over provisions in Trumpcare.

Grim Charade

Play acting is what the GOP Senate is engaged in.

They are damned anyway, they turn because they have rejected democracy for a hypocritical notion of republicanism. This is why Wayne La Pierre and his NRA cronies reject the 90 percent plea for some effort to change the symbolism around guns to something less violent than what comes out of that sorry man's mouth.

Justice, truth, beauty

A better GOP would start cooperating across the aisle. An end would be declared to binary politics. Ethics in which democracy is a central tenet would grow. There would be some effort to see that justice, truth, and beauty are fused. You cannot have one without the others.

The GOP is creating a disaster. The news acts as though it is normal for a party to be debating how many million it wants to bump from the insurance rolls. It is just business, as usual, to deny health to people with pre-existing condition. I have not mentioned the President, whose distaste for democracy is palpable. That is because, when all is said and done, he will be gone. The other problem, the undemocratic GOP, will remain.