Who would have thought that Rob Reiner, the film director who first became famous for playing Archie Bunker’s sixties radical son-in-law in “All in the Family,” would go full-bore Joe McCarthy against President Donald Trump? But that is what the man formerly known as “Meathead” did when he tweeted, “Russia has invaded US & continues to try to undermine our democracy. DT refuses to protect us. Don't let a weak ignorant liar sell us out.”

Has Russia invaded the US? Seriously?

Reiner, who went on from his 70s-era sitcom antics to directing such left-leaning films as “An American President” and “A Few Good Men,” seems to be channeling Tail Gunner Joe in a number of respects.

The difference is, and we know this thanks to the Venona Intercepts, the Russians actually have recruited spies in virtually every government agency of military and diplomatic importance. There are reportedly a disturbing number of high-ranking government officials were maintaining secret relationships with Soviet intelligence. Neither Reiner nor anyone else has any evidence that something similar is going on in the Trump administration.

Indeed, a cursory analysis would suggest that, if anything, the man that Reiner likely supported for president was more of a Russian stooge than Donald Trump. President Barack Obama laughed at Mitt Romney when he suggested that Russia was a threat to world peace.

Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, instituted the infamous “reset button” regarding American-Russian relations. Obama himself promised, “more flexibility” regarding Russian relations.

Trump on the other hand, while he would like an alliance with Russia to fight terrorism, is not being as forthcoming as his predecessor.

He is buttressing NATO by persuading member countries to fork over their fair share of defense spending. Trump is also using American natural gas and oil resources to undercut Russia’s economic position. So much for refusing to protect us and selling us out.

Time for Reiner to sound the alarm as a film director

Still, if Reiner thinks we’ve been invaded by Russia (I failed to notice the tanks in the streets when I was last out), then he should use his considerable talents as a film director to Sound The Alarm.

I see two projects that I would like to sell Reiner for a reasonable but healthy fee.

The first is another remake of “The Manchurian Candidate.” However, this time Trump would be Raymond Shaw and Melania, East European that she is, would be Ms. Iselin. Ivanka could play the same role as did Ben Marco in the first movie. Patrick Stewart could play Putin.

The other project would be another remake of “Red Dawn,” that great 1984 John Milius movie in which the godless Soviets invaded the American heartland and a group of high school kids made them wish they hadn’t. To update the scenario to 21st Century sensibilities, I would relocate the action of a more urban setting and have a more ethnically diverse cast.

Anthony Hopkins could play the FSB commander tasked with hunting down the freedom fighters.

Anyway, Rob, if you’re reading this, let’s do lunch. Your treat. If the money is right, I can do the first draft of a screenplay at our mutual convenience.