The alt-right movement has been getting a lot of attention lately. With Donald Trump winning the presidency, the movement has never been stronger. Even though Trump may not consider himself a part of the alt-right, a large chunk of his fan base are individuals who fall under the alt-right umbrella. This is especially visible on social media and on various online forums where Trump fans gather.

Trump's internet fan base is absolutely huge and it has not stopped growing. Take a look at /r/The_Donald, for example -- a subreddit dedicated to the current President of the United States.

The sub has almost half a million subscribers and the number grows daily.

The alt-right versus the 'progressive' left

The more radical the left is, the more radical the right gets, and vice versa. The left has divorced itself from the common people and embraced the establishment instead. Donald Trump was considered an anti-establishment candidate, even though he is a filthy rich real estate mogul. Why? Because he was competing against Hillary Clinton -- a soulless bureaucrat with Wall Street connections and a long history in politics. Americans want change and the Democrats have not offered it, so they have voted for Trump instead.

They may do the same in 2020 because the left keeps letting America down.

The alt-right is growing stronger by the day, because the movement itself is fueled by aggressive quasi-liberal attitudes that the progressive left often spout. However, things are not black and white. If we divide the current left in America into two groups -- the Democrats and everyone else -- a single conclusion arises: the Democratic Party keeps resisting change (Tim Perez being picked as the chairman of the party is just an example) and third parties are simply too weak to at least mimic an alternative to right wing politics.

By refusing to change and redefine itself, the American left is setting itself up for failure. Instead of winning over the undecided, they are pushing them away. The alt-right, however, is bringing them in. How? By being the antidote to the "progressive" left. Is that enough to make America a better place? No, it is not, but it's all that it takes.

Leftists have made it incredibly easy for the alt-right to hypnotize, manipulate, and lure in disappointed Americans. Instead of trying to do the same, the left is doing what it has been doing all these years. Leftists have not learned their lesson and it seems like they need to lose another election before they learn anything.