Donald Trump is arguably the most talked about and the most controversial figure in the world today. Newspapers and websites are flooded with articles about the current president of the United States and that is probably how it will stay for at least four more years. Trump's presidency caught most of the world by surprise. Even those who don't think highly of him will have to find a way to get the best out of his presidency, even if that means analyzing Trump as a personification of everything that's wrong with America.

Donald Trump and new media

There are, however, marketing lessons to be learned from how Trump approached the election, or rather, how his campaign team approached the target demographic. Unlike his competitors, Trump hasn't spoken about "the people" or his voters in a condescending tone, he has not censored them and he has not divorced himself from the working class lingo - he has fully embraced it instead.

Donald Trump has even made an effort to speak to the nation through unconventional means. This is the first time in history that a president has fully utilized new media. His tweets make headlines on a daily basis. He has shaken the entire world by his social media escapades, countless times, and it's safe to assume that he will continue to do so - because he can, because he has the means to and because it works.

Trump's tweets

Trump's tweets have inspired his loyal internet fan base to make memes and troll the world wide web, spreading false information, provoking reactions from other Twitter users and flaunting their quasi-right wing opinions freely. This has changed the way we view social media altogether, but it has also made us hyper aware of its nuances.

On the other hand, Trump's use of Twitter has shifted a few paradigms in itself. The man is obsessed with keeping his image intact, even though he often falls flat on his face, embarrassing himself and, some would say, his voters. Who would have thought the future president of the United States would tweet about talk show hosts, Diet Coke or his allegedly high IQ?

Will the next president of the United States, whoever she or he may be, utilize new media the same way Donald Trump has utilized it? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Trump has changed the way presidential campaigns are run. Has this changed things for the better? That is a matter of opinion, but Donald Trump has, if nothing, shifted a few paradigms along the way.