Donald Trump winning the election was a shocker. Polls were predicting Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide, media was absolutely certain she would win and the vast majority of Trump voters probably didn't believe in him either. Trump's campaign was different than anything we've ever seen: he is the first president ever to utilize new media properly.

Trump's internet fan base is absolutely enormous and it has been steadily growing - just take a look at the largest Trump forum there is, /r/The_Donald. This subreddit has almost half a million active subscribers and, according to redditlist (a website dedicated to Reddit analytics) it's among the most active subreddits on the entire website and the subscriber base is steadily growing, despite the subreddit being censored by global Reddit moderators.

That, in itself, is not the problem. What is the problem then? While the rest of the world is hoping for an impeachment, the left is standing still.

Blame the Democrats

What has the left done so far to prepare for the 2020 election? Apart from the Democratic Party-controlled media analyzing Trump's handshakes, tweets or the way he looks at his wife (which is, coincidentally, exactly what he wants them to do), what has the left actually done to offer an alternative to Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders has "sold out" in the eyes of the vast majority of his voters. Hillary Clinton will never recover from losing the 2016 election, the election of Tom Perez for the new DNC chair has proven that the Democrats don't indent to change or reform the party.

Have they not learned their lesson?

Looks like they haven't. If the American left is hoping Trump will ruin his chances by simply being a terrible president, they're in for a surprise. In fact, Trump could turn out to be an absolutely terrible president and he could make the United States a lot worse than it currently is, but who will report on that?

The same media that falsified information, protected Hillary Clinton and might have collaborated with her during the debates. They have forever lost the trust of the nation and whatever they report, even if it is 100% true, is thought of as a fabrication by millions of Americans.

What's the alternative?

What or who is the alternative?

The libertarians have never stood a chance and neither have other third parties. The election is a dead race between the Democrats and the Republicans, that is just the way things are and the Democrats have thrown in the towel without even realizing they've done so.

Donald Trump will inevitably destroy every counter-candidate the DNC throws at him. Not because he is a better politician, but because they are underestimating him again and not offering anything new to their voters. Unless things radically change, Donald Trump will win again.