Expressions and actions are what we mostly do. We are all doers. Everything that happens on the planet is mainly an expression or an action of a person. This would not be momentous unless we considered what that means. It means that regardless of what mysteries there may be that we have yet to solve, there is little mystery about us. We are the principal and indeed the determinative force on the planet.

We do it

This is why global warming, excuse the insult if you are a climate denier, is traceable to things we do as individuals, like spewing carbon on high when we drive or engage others to do the driving.

This is hardly the only example.

This is the era of social networks and the five most prosperous corporations in the world are social networks. Who, you may ask, makes these entities prosperous? We do. How? By our expressions.

Content providers

When asked our occupation, we should list "content providers". When asked if we have any questions, we should consider the following: Why are we not reimbursed for contributing to social networks if the five largest corporations are rich because of our contributions? We are essential services, say Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook.

Could we go halves?

We are not even close to having such a dialog. All we know is that we are considering yielding more than our privacy to these entities.

We shall, within years, yield up our right to decide whether we want self-driving cars, robots, drones, artificial intelligence and a veritable bevy of other inputs from these behemoths.

They will come with evidently no brakes applied.


A fellow like Elon Musk is a hero for creating a future that may in its own way ensure that global warming will be victorious in doing us all in.

This could be the result of so aiding in the maintaining of an automobile culture that all the defects of that economy come back not merely to bite us, but devour us whole.

That sounds extreme until you spend five decades considering the depredations of the car.

Our different future

Expressions and actions are what we do and our future will be very different than our past.

But we will still express and act. Because that is so, we may be called to evolve a bit.

Some people now assume that it is a great idea to allow anyone to have enough firepower to do in an entire nightclub in one session. These people are like everyone else. They act on the basis of their thoughts, prejudices, and intentions. But the world that accepts this as a consistent threat is well advised to consider some limitations, regardless of the propaganda of interested groups like the NRA.

The actions and expressions of each individual are becoming more and more important. Consideration of same with regard to reality, ethics and aesthetics is not a bad idea.