If there is such a thing as a video from hell it is the one that I embed below. I do not know the woman who speaks out. But I know what false editing's about. I hold it up in hope that shame will descend on those who can support such tripe with such aplomb. We are a better nation than these lies.

Gavin Newsom is no coward, far from it. The fear that he confesses is real.

The sadness is our country on a cross, where nothing Orwell spoke of is untrue. Our Golgotha is streets where children die. Pilate's palace is where the Deep State resides. Like Pilates, they reply: "What is the truth?" And then when faced with it cry, "Lie!"

Wayne La Pierre

I well always remember watching La Pierre, the perfect mouthpiece of the NRA. In the wake of tearful tragedy, he grew more pugilistic every time. Let guns be everywhere like opioids. How else can we confront gun violence? Don't shrink the size of magazines. Don't run a background check. Protect our rights. Arm teachers, guards, and how about some students too? Maybe we'll add a female Wayne for spite.

Congressional tools

In Congress, the NRA has full control, and they're right up there with the defense industry.

They'll do anything to serve the NRA. Trump is just frosting on their cake. They don't need him because they've got the votes. The only losers are Americans who each time say and say again, "Enough!" But money talks louder than people do. It controls the doors. It controls access. It nips unpleasant protest in the bud. Congress is paid for.

There's no argument.

Is there an answer?

Take this noxious video and mail it to your Congress folk. You can email it right from this page. Tell them you are tired of the NRA's lies. Tell them you will not take no for an answer this time. Tell them they'll no longer get your vote. Ask them to renounce this in public. Here's what you need to know about the chummy ways of bribery between the NRA and its biggest friends in Congress.

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Do your own research. To win we must know the most and be the most persistent. Citizenship takes guts and lots of energy. Prayer works as well.

Root argument

The root argument should be against violence per se and guns should be radically limited on Constitutional grounds. There is nothing in the Constitution that justifies guns as anything but OK for defense by militias. That would be limited today to those in authority.

We need to argue for the abolition of guns as the rightful property of anyone at all. The move to general and global nonviolence should be the project of this crucial century and we should concede nothing to those who believe they have reasonable grounds that justify today's prodigal use of weapons