Welcome to the first Endgame dispatch. News as it happens. We follow trump and the life of the nation he seeks to rule.


To have a proper war you need Mooch, a smart cookie whose idea of a good Tweet is to post one of Mike Flynn from last January suggesting he has been exonerated as though it was today's news. This rich guy now heads communications for Trump but something tells me his days are already numbered. He has an independent streak. And a smidgeon of conscience. Neither sits well with Trump.

In fact, if the story posted above is the case, the number of days may be more a matter of hours.

Trump's immigration war

It's all over. It involves nighttime raids with drawn guns. It is the American version of storm troopers. And the objective is to push to the limit the legal basis for ridding the U.S. of illegals. It impacts innocents, families, grandparents, children. It is under the radar as far as most media are concerned.

The only major Trump legislation passed was getting Gorsuch on SCOTUS (a blow to civility and rights), Absent any real achievement, this is what Trump does. He conducts an under the radar but entirely visible attack on human beings whose rights are universal

Trump has no sympathy or empathy. He does not see. He cannot perceive. He does not listen.

Perspective - what do we care about?

As we begin to see that we are in a daily war, we are reminded that there is a country out there. For perspective, here is a window on what sorts of opinion Americans have when they are not taking sides on Trump.

It is the differential that is most interesting. We have no problem penalizing smokers. But obesity cuts a little closer to home. The number of potential diabetics is astounding. It is possible that in a world without Trump we might actually come to grips with the obesity problem, with consequences as huge as the defeat of smoking have proved.

The Korea matter

Meanwhile, there is the wider world where Trump wields immense and fearsome power. He knows it. We know it. No small reason why the war we are discussing exists is that many are dead set against giving this man the power to decide what to do about anything that involves the use of weapons and military personnel.

Clearly, this is not anything on Trump's list of immediate concerns. THe chances are that he would approach the Korea matter with the same casualness that he approached Trumpcare. Mix power and the tendency to be lazy and failing and you have reason for concern.