It was good news that the travel ban was recently struck down by the Appeals Court as people from the six countries affected - Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen - can still come to America to visit their family. The Court decision shows that no one is above the law, which is a great outcome. The "travel ban" links the countries it refers to with terrorism, but has not enough evidence. The extremists could be homegrown from the US too, and the ban could add more tension to an existing heat.

The travel ban revival

There was news about a revival of a travel ban affecting Muslims, and I am not very convinced that the prohibition could do wonder for the US.

People could still make bombs or plan terror attacks while living in America.

In an attempt to keep terrorists away, this "travel ban" does not allow Muslims to enter the country instead. Something that could create adverse effects for the US since we have large Muslim communities from nations like Egypt, India, and Indonesia. Does anybody think those countries would feel comfortable about this?

A picture is worth a thousand words

As this is a sensitive issue, even words could cause extensive damage to our international relations. Just a few months ago, the news of the appalling treatment received by 69-year-old David Dao on a United Airlines flight went viral. Soon after, Airbnb made headlines for one of his hosts refusing an Asian guest.

What do you think will happen if these nightmares continue? Maybe we could have a break instead. Stereotyping people is an injustice: you put the people into one box and label them. America is a big democratic country, the dream-country for many individuals who enjoy living and working here.

The American dream

Many individuals have lived an American dream regardless of their backgrounds and races.

I have so much admiration for countries where people have an open mind, with generous and kindhearted people who care about the world and others. Many migrants from disadvantaged countries were accepted into the US and could pursue a better life. Keep up the great work, I'd say, and the love that Americans have for humanity and world peace.

The Court of Appeals' right decision

The Court had done a great job in blocking Trump's travel ban, which is a good sign for the country. Now America should go forward and look ahead. If we judge people base on their religion, countries of origin or race, then we go backward to the day where there were no human rights and equal opportunity. The travel ban could ultimately do more harm to the US, the reason why I applaud the court's decision.