There was a time in society when marriage was valued. And most people had respect for a husband or wife looking out for their spouse's best interest. The recent outrage over comments made by Dale Earnhardt's wife shows how much society now devalues the institution of marriage and the opinion of one's mate.

Race car driving is a dangerous sport. Each time a racer enters his vehicle his family, specifically, his wife has no idea if he will return alive. Amy Earnhardt has every right to express her opinion regarding the decisions her husband makes.

After all, what he does will impact her as well. Amy received backlash because she said on Twitter that her husband participating in the 2018 Clash was not worth his health.

Selfish fans spoke out against Amy saying the decision was her husbands alone to make, Yes it is true that Dale Earnhardt will have the final say so, but a good man or woman does take into consideration what his or her spouse has to say on a matter. If Earnhardt were to become injured during The 2018 Clash it will not be the fans having to take care of him. Should he die during the race those fans will not be burying a spouse but his wife will.

Society has changing values regarding marriage

This situation speaks to the changing views on marriage in today's society.

It also exposes a culture where fans believe they own the celebrities they admire. Whatever Dale Earnhardt chooses to do he should first and foremost consider his wife Amy rather than please fans. Social media plays a large role in changing attitudes. There is a sense of entitlement where people want to know every detail of celebrity lives and play a role in the decisions they make.

Twitter and Facebook give courage to those who would not say the same thing in public. It was wrong for so many to attack a wife for being concerned with the well being of her spouse. The racing fans are pretty selfish to disregard Dale Earnhardt's health. It's even worse, that they would disrespect his wife Amy when she is expressing love and concern for the man she said her vows too.

This is a private matter that should be decided by this couple alone. Dale Earnhardt is correct when he says he threw his wife under the bus. Dale should have praised his spouse and stood up for her. He missed an opportunity to say he appreciates his wife for having his best interest at heart. Fans should not be overstepping their bounds by trying to tell famous folk what to do.