Welcome to this installment of a series that began only a few days ago. It exists to collect items that all speak to the end game that is underway. The end is that of Donald trump.

The items in this dispatch show that Trump has embraced a suicidal policy that could guarantee the failure of global warming efforts. In addition, Trumpcare legislation has now become a choice between two bills that are merely seeking to get fifty votes regardless of what they contain.

This represents a monumental failure for which the President is completely responsible.

Juggle those polls

Finally, it is Trump's habit to juggle polls until they can be presented as being favorable. At this point, 42 percent want Trump impeached and 42 percent do not. The percentage of people who want him impeached exceeds the number who approve of his performance which now hovers in the mid to high thirties, to give it the most favorable construction.

Looking back over impeachments, my eye fell on Andrew Johnson's which ended up failing by a single vote in the Senate. A two-thirds majority was needed and those opposed were just able to keep Johnson in power.

It was a sensational event and just Trump's cup of tea, I surmise. Should it get to the Senate from the House where it originates, I doubt Trump would fare as well as Johnson did with the Gorsuch vote in the minds of Democrats.

Senate GOP health care mischief hits a new low

The two bills are being considered with the sole motive of finding fifty marks who will slavishly follow the cynical spirit behind this betrayal of Americans.

One bill claims to be gentle while eviscerating Medicaid. The other leaves Medicaid untouched and guts Obamacare. Neither is fair, just, or humane. Read and weep.

Trump wants to kill the world

The way to really do the world in is to meet climate change with a program that does not diminish but increases the use of fossil fuels.

That is Trump's program. And it will take lives worldwide because, at some point, warming will cause such dislocations that chaos will take place. Trump will be hiding somewhere. Normal sorts will be swept away.

The problem is that everyone else stands with Donald. Driving life away. We need to move away from capitalism and socialism and embrace global democracy, beyond dictators and mindlessness and cruelty. We need less militarism and more well-being.

We need universal basic income and universal education, free. We must design everything anew. Otherwise, Fossil Fuel suicide will be the story of our century. It will be blamed on Al Gore.