Welcome to this series of articles on the end of Donald trump. There are three reasons we should seek the closing out of Trump's incursion: documented risk, his GOP connection, and dictatorial evidence. Briefly, the risk lies in personality and past record. Trump's GOP connection is toxic because the GOP program is a risk and evil with or without him. The risk of a dictatorship is no laughing matter. We shall inevitably encounter signs of this, even in this installment.

The terrible understory

It seems that the nation itself is being left to rot despite all of the up languages from the Trump chorus -- from Mooch to cowed media outlets.

Here is your gateway to horror in the heartland that gets bypassed when the news is sucked up by Trump matters. Power and sexual abuse are the staples of authoritarian rule and the dismal understory is the following:

In a normal country with no Trump, we would be concentrating on this story and steps would be underway to do more about the dominant tendency of power in the world which is to overpower. A perusal of Trump's frequent recent tweets reveals that all he cares about is either self-defense or recrimination. There is not a scintilla of evidence that Trump has registered concern about these deaths and the crime behind them.

In Trump's own past evidence lurks, skirted, avoided, lawyered away.

No way does Trump escape

The assumption of these articles is that Trump will ultimately leave. He has already failed to escape the glare of publicity which he both bemoans and stimulates. Here is an argument that his legal vulnerabilities are sufficient to make the Mueller investigation a Waterloo.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post sits behind a paywall but you can probably infer that there are many ways that Mueller and his corps of experienced prosecutors can go. And this is not the only reference that suggests that.

GOP captive?

Has Trump turned the GOP into near quislings? Quisling is a serious derogatory term. It suggests a capitulation to an occupying power. It is what lies behind the Russia matter. As long as Trump is cleared of actual obeisance to concrete Russian authority, he walks free. But the moment that door closes, we have the near quisling designation to consider.

If we simply infer from the evil of GOP willingness to support Trump in denying insurance to millions and conducting extra-constitutional night raids on innocents, we at least have grounds for wonderment.