It's Monday morning and I am trying to clean out my unreported queue of largely ignored but most pertinent evidence that we are indeed in the End Game of Donald trump. The president would like to believe that he will run in 2020 and maintain his mojo intact with his base. These dispatches will indicate why that may be dreaming.

A blast from the past

Should Mr. Mueller fact check the above and find that this was actually what Jefferson said, he might find in Trump's tweets a corroboration or two of just this glaring fault.

Tyrants savage the press. He might be able to show that this divisive behavior is inimical to the obligation to be president of all the people. He might not make this the center of his argument but it could fortify his cadre of attorneys as they seek to do to Trump what they did to Enron.

Many have forgotten that glistening company that was brought to ashes by Mr. Mueller in a prior gig as a prosecutor for the American people.

A Starr riseth

I was never a fan of Ken Starr. In fact, he made me suspicious of special counsels and special prosecutors. But new occasions spawn new iterations and the admirable Lawrence O'Donnell this weekend emerged with the following tweet.

Let's put it this way.

If this document from the Starr years is effective in closing the door to Trump's effort to exonerate himself by giving himself a big pardon, then OK.

Here BTW is the pertinent excerpt

There you have it. So too the cadre of lawyers we are probably paying for to save Trump has it as well.

As I point out in my first dispatch of the day, Trump is sucking the oxygen out of the news and turning everything to witness the drama about himself, who else. Who else is there?

The elusive sanctions issue

And here is the tweet to which Mr.

Aravosis refers.

I suppose that the war room in the West Wing now run by Bannon and Mooch and big D may figure that unanimous Congressional desire to punish Russia may necessitate a presidential OK. No veto. Many articles say Trump has changed. But it is equally likely that, since the sanctions will go through anyway, Trump will want to keep the suspicions of his friendliness with Putin running at fever pitch. From his point of view, he wins either way.

Tulsi finale

Good to see my friend Tulsi with her eye on a problem that Trump has both exacerbated and ignored during his narcissistic siege of attention to himself and his enemies. Why couldn't the Democrats just say we will reverse all that Trump does and address the evils he ignores?