End Game 19 meets a weekend with as much import as ever when it comes to guessing that Trump is on his last legs. Were I him I would cut a deal and run. His chances of passing anything like his dream agendas are woefully limited. And I have realized that what is ascending on the possibility meter is less impeachment than the "unfit to serve" designation. This is the vague but Constitutional provision that means that if his support crumbles he does too.

Trump is manifestly unfit to serve

The very phrase should be chilling to Trump because he has already incurred the hostility of the very people he needs to keep on his side.

The rest of the agenda is doomed

Trump has never really equated being humbled with failure. To him, nothing he does is a failure. Melania could leave and he would still be a success at marriage. Even if he is canned by the House on the 25Th Amendment, he will count his departure as a success. He seems oblivious to the actual reasons why he is such a liability. He is doing actual harm every day. Harm is evil. It comes from both words and deeds.

It makes being president if you are like Trump a profound daily danger to him and to us.

Carelessness does not make for good legislation

This article from Raw Story accords with predictions I made months ago about the Trump agenda. It is a carelessly drawn plan that will meet objections and be changed daily as Trump decides what of the ideas being considered he can actually defend. The Trumpcare fiasco is what happened when he allowed others to defy his desire to improvise his way to glory.

Nothing worked.

Here is a snapshot of the problem Raw Story is talking about.

The train is picking up speed

However Trump goes, and no one is saying he won't see the train coming and go before it hits him, his general approach is utterly defective.

He wants to rob government to give the military a raise it does not need. He wants to give his own class a big tax break and believes that he will somehow get it back by resulting growth. He has paved the way for battles he has already lost.

Tightrope politics

The quote above is the concluding paragraph of a longish BuzzFeed article that basically agrees with this dispatch of End Game. Trump has tried to be a president based on appearance. This appeals only to a threatened base. The threat is also that America is a fickle country and even a mesmerizer like the Donald can only go so far. Here is the proof of the pudding -- a police rebuke stated after Trump's disgusting incitement of police to violence yesterday.

When history is written this incident along with selected equally devastating ones will be on the "unfit to serve" docket.