The first country to ban the sale of polluting cars over the next two decades is France, but the United Kingdom quickly took the good example of France in an attempt to reduce Pollution. It is mostly the cars that run on Diesel that is to be banned. Also, owners of diesel-powered vehicles may not be able to drive them in some city centers, as officials from certain capitals such as Athens, Madrid, Paris or Mexico city have already announced that by 2025 this type of car would be banned from city centers.

How popular are hybrid and electric cars?

Taking into account the recent trends in the fight against pollution, car manufacturers have started to produce more and more eco-friendly cars such as electric or hybrid cars.

Even though just a few years ago people who wanted to buy hybrid cars didn’t have that many models to choose from, hybrid and electric cars can now be found at most car manufacturers.

Are eco-friendly trucks and vans on the rise?

What’s surprising is that not only are electric and hybrid cars are popular, but also other types of vehicles such as trucks and vans. This is great news if we realize, due to their high-capacity engines, trucks and vans are responsible for a great deal of the pollution nowadays.

Is the range of electric vehicles still a problem?

Although the range is not an important issue when it comes to the Electric Vehicles used in cities, in the case of vans and trucks the situation is different.

In other words, electric cars are still not designed for the long distances that large vehicles need to travel. It seems that at the moment the battery technology still needs improvement.

When it comes to commercial cars, trucks and other such vehicles, many businesses around the world expressed their interest in the electrification issue.

It appears that the use of electric vehicles allows them to pay less for fuel in the long run. Going electric may seem expensive, but after a few months, the investment pays off, all the more reason for businesses to opt for electric vehicles.

There are of course advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, but this trend is interesting to follow.

Despite the fact that many car owners can’t yet afford to buy eco-friendly vehicles such as fully electric cars, these vehicles could become more affordable in the future as the technology undergoes improvement. Governments may also influence this trend by supporting car manufacturers in their eco-friendly initiatives.