Every time trump wins people cry. Every Trump victory people's lives are endangered. Trump wins when he manages to enact harm. We have an evil force in control and until we see that evil is nothing but doing harm we will be confused and unable to stop him.

I shall limit my argument to two Trump "successes" which are obvious and with which no one can argue.

Remember Garland

The first is his happy complicity in denying President Obama's nomination of Judge Garland. Instead, the perfidious GOP installed the horrible Judge Gorsuch using the nuclear option, a shameful breach.

Gorsuch is now with Alito and Thomas the guarantor that every future Supreme Court decision will hurt and harm those it affects.

Attack on innocents

The second is the successful squeezing of the last juice of harm from the remnants of human rights in the wake of the SCOTUS decision to give the President some room to prevent immigrants and refugees from entering America. Because we are talking about people who are innocent of any crime save their origin and color and merely assumed because of their religion to be potentially dangerous, we are advertising America as an author of harm and hurt.

The two stories that substantiate this sad collapse of Trump and of democracy itself follow.

Scott Pruitt is exactly what you ordered if you are among those who regard government as the enemy.

He does not listen to the government though he heads the EPA. He turns to the private sector, to industry, and he follows the will of the president.

Let it be said that no GOP voice has ever complained about ICE.

Our own storm troopers

ICE is the government force that catches anyone it deems deportable, detains them and then tries to follow through.

It is an authoritarian, no holds barred operation whose work cries out to be investigated. Obama allowed ICE to flourish and Trump now allows it to Run rampant under Pruitt.

Here is another slant on this same tale of woe.

Gorsuch is the harbinger of harm

This is a depressing article because it reminds us of the underlying story of Trump collapse.

It begins with the seminal birther narrative and bakes racism into the very fabric of all that is now transpiring.

Gorsuch is Scalia without the jokes. He is the corporate paragon of obedience to the open Deep State, The deep open state is made up of those who occupy the centers of corporate and government power and who essentially run things by virtue of their economic power and control of institutions

It will take a people's movement of vast proportions, uniting both the Trump base and the rest of the country to create a basis for progress.