America has a history of violence, from wiping out Native Americans to enslaving Africans. It continued after the slaves were freed and the KKK burned crosses, set fire to homes, and hung innocent African Americans from trees. Murder and mayhem continue to reign today — people are so cold blooded that they kill without provocation. This was evident in the senseless killing of Bianca Roberson.

Senseless killing of the innocent

On Saturday, Road Rage took an innocent life in West Goshen 28-year-old David Desper. The two were driving in an area where double lanes merge into one.

Their vehicles collided and Desper pulled out a gun and took the teen's life. The idea that people drive around with guns ready to shoot without provocation is disturbing indeed.

This young woman had just graduated high school and was headed to college. Now her life is over and her family is grieving simply because of road rage. Clearly, America is becoming a land of barbarians. Daily news is filled with events that show just how evil the human mind can be. Facebook live is often misused to show rape and murder being committed. A young generation is growing up being desensitized to things that should cause them outrage. No one should immediately decide to kill another simply because of a minor infraction.

Road rage is getting out of hand

According to a study done by The Trace, there were 620 incidents of road rage involving guns in the United States in 2016. This is disturbing to think a simple lapse in judgment or mistake can end your life. People have the right to bear arms but using a firearm should not be the first instinct.

Bianca Roberson is dead and her family is suffering. David Desper now is a murderer and his family will have to deal with the aftermath.

The Washington Post published an article that indicates the number of Americans who admit to dealing with road rage has doubled. This is frightening because we don't have any way of knowing if the individual we encounter has a firearm or if he or she is trigger happy.

Bianca Roberson should not have died in vain. Her death should cause us all to pause and consider the aftermath of a hotheaded decision. This young woman will never complete her college education and neither will she marry, or have children. The future her family envisioned for he is gone because of a split second decision.

America is supposed to be the home of the free and land of the brave. Instead, we are turning into gun toting trigger happy barbarians who shoot first and ask questions later. Even if there were provocation if one's life is not threatened he or she should not so quickly take the life of another. Road rage should not be taking lives.