I usually don't write in the evening. By then I have gotten off a few significant stories and/or opinions. But today is not a slow Saturday. I have a backup of "trump demise" items that may or may not be news tomorrow but which qualify as definite signs of collapse,


This cannot be precedented. It cannot be the experience of past presidents. This must be the result of a unique confluence relating to reality, not merely reality in America but the world as well.

Reality has to do with attaining the good, progressing according to good values and becoming better people than we would otherwise be.

My theory is that Trump will not leave office until we have learned a common lesson from the events that are unfolding.


Trump has set up a commission to investigate voter fraud which is widely understood to be a non-issue. Truth has never halted a Trump premise. But his intrusive effort to, in essence, become the NSA in the White House is not sitting well even in states he won. Read the short Axios piece to learn why this is a definite sign of collapse. We can lay this one at the feet of presidential grandiosity. That to me is a big sign.

Women and health care

Here is she story on not one but two continuing Trump collapses, served up with brevity.

Of the five items noted in this story, two deal with Trump's Tweet war on women which is for many a sign that he should be removed from office.

Another deals with the status of health care.

Health fiasco

On the health care matter, Trump has given a clear sign that he is divided between two realities -- his base and the fate of a bill which is nearly universally deemed a wreck.

All the work in the bill in the Senate has been a not terribly subtle effort to retain some of the good of Obamacare in this defective legislation.

The public Trump suggestion now is that the Senate repeal Obamacare and wait until they have a bill they can pass. This may appeal to some in the base but is the very height of kamakaze leadership. The bill is most likely doomed. Trump has helped doom along almost every day.

The final item

No, the Democrats cannot impeach Donald Trump as a minority party. But they can spook him. Any actual action to impeach in Congress is news. Some 25 Democrats have been willing to stand up and be counted. Here's the story,

The bill is a work of some care and could well be a model if some GOP folk want to get on board.

But as I say, it is mainly a sign of Trump/s collapse. We need to be thinking about how we can begin to restore America. It is clear from things thus far that Trump is not able to deliver much but a pile of tweets and whatever political illusion he last had.