There is a thin line of freedom between the fundamentalisms that surround us. There is religious fundamentalism but there are also fundamentalisms based on perceptions of necessity. One such is the fundamentalism of the open Deep State: the military-security-GOP-served top five percent that is currently co-opting the law and molding it to its own purposes. It is rigid, inflexible and intolerant.

But it can be exposed and defeated

Why, if that is so, did not Obama defeat it? Obama was not inimical to the underlying premises of the open deep state despite his constitutional background.

Obama might have bailed out the American people. Instead, he bailed out the banks. He had no choice. He would not have survived a week in office had he defied the will of the established order. Obama served the need of the open deep state. He became a safety valve where pent-up popular anger could be released and managed.

Obama's limits

So Obama could cry out against Citizens United in Congress and create little incidents. But he could never dislodge the work of Alito, Thomas, Scalia, and others.

The present interpreters of the Constitution are what makes it possible to have an open deep state that is lawless, entitled and richer and richer. Obama could pass little of significance, His programs were rational and good.

But times are tight and the deep state lives on money.

The ten arguments are:

We can defeat the open deep state by accepting Ten simple premises:

1. We can transform Democrats into a Constitutional party.

2. We can commit that party to universal basic income.

3. We can commit that party to a global movement to cut military budgets in half.


3. We can use our consumer power to effect targeted reductions of known harms and create legislation to enact controls.

4. We can prevail on all media to expose and create analyses that confirm the existence, amorality and outright corruption that is the entitlement assumed by and accepted by the open deep state.

Deflecting outmoded critiques

5. We can refuse the stock criticism of the communicators of the open deep state that we are socialists and communists. We can develop the Constitutionalist frame of our argument with particular reference to the centrality of our Bill if Rights.

6. We can enact universal health care.

7. We can create Democratic majorities.

Universal aims

8. We can promote nonviolence.

9. We can measure and address the harm of global warming.

10. We can defend critical thinking, free speech and restore a sense of participation and community.