President Donald Trump recently disrupted 80 years of tradition when addressing the National Boy Scout Jamboree. Unlike his predecessors who left politics at the door, our current commander in chief could not help but talk about partisan issues, and of course himself. This is just more evidence that the POTUS is becoming increasingly narcissistic.

Donald Trump cannot help himself

If there was ever a time for the President to be bipartisan it is when he addresses the Boy Scouts. The majority of these young men are too young to vote and certainly, did not have politics on their mind during the Jamboree.

It is truly disappointing that our commander in chief could not address this assembly without making it all about himself. Narcissism is taking over our leader and it is a shame he could not resist the urge to talk about Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton.

It is clear the President has a very short attention span because, according to The Washington Post, he began his address to the Boy Scouts by saying he was not going to discuss politics. Almost immediately Donald Trump began bragging about crowd size, complaining about fake media and disrespecting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.This man truly cannot help himself. Obama is no longer in office and Clinton lost the 2016 election, yet six months into his presidency the POTUS clearly continues to be threatened by both.

Donald Trump is unwilling and unable to change

It should be obvious by now to Americans that the President is unwilling and unable to change. If he could not contain himself in front of Boy Scouts, who are basically children, there really is no hope for a different mode of operation in the future.

Donald Trump continues in campaign mode even though he won the election in November.

Surely somewhere in the recesses of his mind, Donald Trump should have deciphered that the 40,000 individuals attending the annual Jamboree, were not there to listen to him brag and complain.

No one in attendance was interested in what the President did at a cocktail dinner and did not want to hear about "fake news" The "Washington Post".stated that Trump did on occasion praise the Boy Scouts and their parents, but overall the address from the POTUS was all about him.

Americans should accept this odd behavior because it is here to stay as long as number 45 resides on Pennsylvania Ave. Donald Trump has allowed narcissism to dominate his life to the point that he does not even realize what he is doing,