President Donald J Trump's behavior has just taken on a whole new level of bizarre. The POTUS released a video on Twitter of his wrestling match with Vince McMahon on WWE. Mcmahon, however, has been substituted for the CNN logo. And Trump is shown knocking the news network out.

The WWE and the President

In 2007 Donald J Trump was a part of Wrestlemania. There was a scene where he attacked Vince Mcmahon. The two were fighting on the floor outside of the ring and The Donald was the victor. This morning The President of the United States released a video of the wrestling event on Twitter but it had been altered.

In place of Vince Mcmahon being beaten it was the logo of CNN. Watch below:

President Trump needs to be sat down

Clearly, the mental capacity of our Commander in Chief is diminishing. His behavior is becoming more outlandish and bizarre. Rather than heeding wise counsel and becoming more presidential the leader of the free world is spiraling out of control and someone must stop him. President Donald Trump needs someone to sit him down as is done in some church denominations.This takes place when pastors become embroiled in scandals.

The elders, church board, or executive council "sit the preacher down." This means for a period of time the pastor no longer is the shepherd of the church.

He will go into counseling and a time fo prayer and reflection for the purpose of being reinstated at a later date. Sometimes pastor steps away from the pulpit on their own as Fred Price Jr. recently did. Donald Trump, however, is not going to willingly walk away from the office of president Congress needs to step in and the antics of our current president should render him unfit to return to office.

President Trump is turning the Oval Office into a freak show

In the original video of the match between Donald Trump and Vince Mcmahon, the ring announcer says something that may be applicable to the current situation in the White House. Just before The Donald began to fight Mr. Mcmahon you can hear a voice say: "Donald Trump is in a world he is not familiar with.

This is not real estate". This answers all things regarding the bizarre behavior that comes from our 45th president.

On his CNN show this morning Fareed Zakaria referred to the Trump presidency as a freak show. And that about sums it up. An increasing number of Americans including those who once supported Donald Trump are beginning to express that they are feeling exactly the same way about our president.