women are a symbol of beauty but they are also full of vitality and energy. Statistics show that they live longer than Men. So it is sad that women have been victims of discrimination in many societies. In the past, Chinese landowners could take the wife or daughters of farmers when they couldn't pay their debts. Even after the revolution of Mao Zedong, there was a certain degree of discrimination against females. On the other hand, Western women have been among the most favored ones on the planet. In Scandinavian countries, females outnumber males by 3 to 2 as university graduates.

Females have a high level of maturity and they like to become skilled workers.

Women live longer than men

The World Health Organization released a report about life expectancy in 2015 where we can see that the average life expectancy in Japan is 83.7 years. Japanese females live to 86.8 years and males live just 80.5 years. In Switzerland, females live four years longer than men. Women live longer, this is a fact. In the United States, females live 4.7 years more than males. In Russia, the difference is 11.6 years. In Eastern Europe, the gap is much bigger than in Western Europe and it has created societies where women outnumber men.

Suicide rate by gender

We can also observe that males commit suicide more often than women.

In Russia, the suicide rate among males is 32.2 per 100,000 while among females it is just 5.6 per 100,000. The gap is 5.75 to 1. In Ukraine, men suicide 4.63 times more often than women. In Poland, the gap is 6.67 to 1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines holds the highest ratio: 12.2 men per every woman. In the United States, the difference is 3.36 to 1.

There are just two countries where women commit suicide more than men: China and Bangladesh. In general, men seem to have higher levels of stress. In many advanced countries, there are more suicides than homicides.

China has traditionally favored men, it must change

When the Communist Party took power in the Asian giant, the population was about 560 million.

Overpopulation was a problem, thus, China implemented the one child policy. Most farmers wanted male children and many female children were killed. This created a huge gender imbalance, so China now has about 33 million more men than women. The most populated country on the planet produces more steel and cement than in the past but development is much more than that. China must improve living conditions for women if it wants to become an advanced and respected society.