My dad is a Trump supporter because he is tired of the "establishment." As part of the working class, he feels that he is "betrayed" by Washington. By casting his vote to Trump, he thinks that he could send a message to Washington. He views Trump as this "wrecking ball" that will wreck Washington. By calling him a "wrecking ball," he thinks that he would do the most outrageous things like banning Lobbyists.

It has been six months since Trump took office. While Trump has truly done some "outrageous things" like firing an FBI director and calling established media outlets "fake news," he has also done some things that reek more of the same.

Recent reports have shown that he continues to appoint lobbyists in executive agencies, despite a 5-year lobbying ban.

A lobbyist in ICE

One example can be found in ICE. Lee Fang from the Intercept reports on Thomas Blank being appointed as Chief of Staff to the US Immigration and Customs Department. As a lobbyist, Blank lobbied on behalf of government contractors that specialize in invasive and brutal security measures. For instance, one firm that he lobbied for, Assurtec Inc, specializes in facial recognition. Another company that he lobbied for, Taser International, seeks to make tasers as an alternative to guns in the law enforcement community.

Lee Fang notes that Blank's appointment is part of a series of appointments made by the Trump administration in all ranges, from the environment to the military.

It is no exception that the Trump administration is doing it for homeland security. Fang reports that numerous lobbyists who lobbied on behalf of the immigrant detention and mass surveillance secured a spot in ICE and the DHS. It seems that the lobbyists look at Trump's rhetoric regarding the "bad hombres" and then, drools over the idea of even more immigrant detention.

So, they lobby what they can for spots in the administration. But, lobbyists in the administration itself is hypocritical. If Trump hates lobbyists, but accepts them to keep the "bad hombres" out, then just what is Trump?

Never letting go of the lobbyists

Trump is merely playing the anti-establishment persona as a facade. He knows that he cannot reject lobbyists in Washington of all places.

In fact, they are very had to be removed. For instance, Obama made lobbying reforms that supposedly decreased the number of lobbyists. But, in all actuality, many of them went underground and lobbied undisclosed. In Trump's case, he "bans" lobbyists in his administration. But, he tries to have them enter in his administration with little fanfare as possible. After all, Fang notes that the Blank's appointment isn't even announced. He just quietly shows up as an update to the ICE leadership website.

The lobbyists know Washington, and they know how the whole city can fall under their finger tips. Despite constant efforts to keep them out, they still find ways to lobby. In Trump's case, his effort of keeping them out is merely theatrical.

Trump may bemoan lobbyists, but at the end of the day, he appoints them because they know Washington better than he does. Therefore, he gullibly relies on them because they offer some form of efficiency that his administration lacks. Trump may be there to wreck Washington, but really, he is there to help Washington.