wealth is the worth of tangible and intangible assets while being wealthy is the possession of a high volume of these assets whether tangible or intangible, excluding any form of debt or expenses by an entity or a person.

Getting wealthy requires an amount of sacrifice; wealthy people often sacrifice a lot working their socks off because they know money doesn't grow on trees.

If you are serious about getting wealthy, you must do the same too, put in the Hard Work to get wealthy enough so that you don't have to Work Hard. If you are prepared to put in the long hours on the right thing, you should succeed, it may not happen immediately but, with persistence, you will get there.

Adopt this wealth secret

What is the secret of getting wealthy? It is that you have to work as if your life depends on it and also enjoy what you are doing, it does not mean working hard at anything. For example, a cleaner in an office can never become wealthy by cleaning really hard unless he or she has to start his or her own cleaning business. This means that if you have a business you have invested in, you can maximize returns on your investment if you really work hard.

Think big and take action to become wealthy

Do not let financial affairs slide past you because you are too busy doing your jobs and forgetting the end goal of making some real money. To become wealthy, you have to be able to lift your head above the schedule of your 9 to 5 job and give yourself a chance to think about the bigger picture to take action.

So many people work to live, they invest all their time and energy in working for wages but others are quick to see any opportunity that can make them prosperous because they have their heads up and can see further. I advise you always lift your head up.

Decide whether to make a living or become wealthy

Another approach to getting wealthy is to prioritize your ambition whether to work for a living or making money.

Most people are too lazy to be wealthy, they may say they want to but are not prepared to make the sacrifices, study, learn, work harder, put in the effort and make it a determined and concentrated focus of their life.

Wealth is everywhere, waiting to be claimed, those who claim it are the ones who get up early, work hard and put in the hours.

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