The old trump bluster is getting different. The possibility of an end is in the air. Things are changing in the West Wing. Things are changing in the country. We are witnessing the rise of right and Wrong.

Good and evil cut through everything, even politics. If you do something harmful, the prospect of escape is narrow. Good begins to look like no Trump in the West Wing. Ross Douthat is a conservative columnist for the New York Times. When he writes something like the following, you notice it:

The odds just changed

Real collusion is the takeaway.

It looks today like Trump Jr. is against the world. Douthat calls Jr. "the Gob Bluth or Fredo Corleone of a family conspicuously short on Michaels." This is the day that people stopped giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt.

As we speak, it is very likely that the votes are becoming less and less firm in the Senate for the terrible bill that is now being considered. That would be Trumpcare, the bill that diminishes the number of insured, savages those on Medicaid, and strikes fear in the heart of every Obamacare customer who happens to have a preexisting condition. If Trumpcare was iffy yesterday, it is almost terminal today. It is an evil bill, and we are moving to think good or bad.

Bad is the death knell for Trump

Yesterday it seemed that maybe this would go away or maybe it wouldn't. Today it seems that the Trump campaign engaged in some bad things. Here's what we know: There was a willingness to seek Russian help in savaging Hillary Clinton. That's bad and illegal. There is now a reasonable question as to whether Trump would have won otherwise.

That's bad.

Mueller's silence is golden

The change in mood will likely cede to Special Counsel Mueller protection from any Trump attacks. Such attacks would appear tacky now that right and wrong are on the table. It may be that Mueller will never have to bring a charge. Trump has a record of bolting when the heat gets too high.

Maybe all Mueller must do is sit tight with his corps of blue ribbon prosecutors and watch the shards drop from the statue that may never get built to honor Mr. Trump.

The elephant?

If you want an elephant in the room, I think it is the repeal of Obamacare. Given everything else, this would be the last straw. But this is exactly what the GOP will seek to do if and when the Trumpcare mess goes south. If you want evil on a scale with national understanding, count potential casualties. That is not pretty math but that is what repealing Obamacare is all about. Good always wins in the end.