Impatience and good headline hunger have seized the democrats. They should lighten up. Decency is what Trump lacks. It is what most Democrats aspire to have. There is nothing that says decency will not prevail even though Trump bloviates indecency like an active volcano. Last night in Iowa he said he wants to keep immigrants from receiving aid for five years.

As with most of his ideas, we already have laws on the books which are strict. Obama was not Santa Claus. But he was decent and Trump is not. Until the Democrats can embrace both Obama and decency they will lose.

What would decency look like?

It would not look like the current GOP Senate health bill which is presently seeking to ride a wave of know nothing sentiment to a vote that will culminate in the total destruction of healthcare in America. That indecency is what Mitch McConnell is trying to foist on us with the approval of Donald Trump. Trump confides to the high tech people who just met with him that he want's a little more heart in the bill as if kicking tens of millions off the insurance rolls is decent. Decency does not look like Donald Trump.

Here's what is admirable

Gavin Newsom like every human being on the planet is fallible but he is progressive and he knows that decency cannot be won by good thoughts and humanitarian acts.

It takes real and enforceable laws to get good done. His message does not work if the nation is mesmerized by a pied piper whose lie to the electorate is that Nancy Pelosi will raise your taxes and repeal the second amendment. This is almost the whole GOP playbook, along with gerrymandering and support of Citizens United. Here's Gavin.

Bad wizard

When you think of Trump think bad wizard of Oz. He is a humbug and indecent. This man mixes truth and lies with evil genius. To beat him we need patience and a willingness to express confidence in the better values -- tolerance, democracy and genuine helpfulness.

ACA is lying on the tracks

The story in the embed above will be repeated by thousands when the careless and heartless GOP bill passes if it ever does.

There is a slim possibility that at some point decency will literally trump Trump. It is impossible to convey the degree of ignorance this man has of virtually everything that is on his plate. My father used to say the presidency is an impossible job for one person. Trump is at best a fragment. He does not know or care what is in his bills, only what people like Alex Jones and Steve Bannon tell him. He massages their words into tweets.

As the most interesting man in the world might say, "Decency. my friends."