British Prime Minister Theresa May sets to form a coalition government that will guarantee certainty and lead the country through Brexit few hours after her Conservative Party suffered a huge loss.

On Friday, CNN reports that May visited Buckingham to secure permission from Queen Elizabeth II. She said she would work with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to form a coalition government.

Tasks for the new government

She also promised to push towards a Brexit deal which will enable Britain to permanently exit the European Union. “The new government would be able to unite and work together for the overall interest of the entire United Kingdom,” May said.

Brexit negotiations are due to begin in 10 days’ time but may be delayed due to the shock result of the just concluded election, which saw the Conservative short of a clear majority by eight seats.It’s a highly embarrassing moment for May who ordered for an election in April, three years earlier than required by British law, persuaded by results of opinion polls that tipped to place her party in a strong position.In a night that seems like a drama across the United Kingdom, Theresa May’s party lost some seats to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, which exceeded expectations.

Disastrous results

The former minister of finance George Osborne, who stepped aside after the election informed reporters that the results were disastrous for his party.

A conservative Member of Parliament, Anna Soubry, said Theresa May would have to examine her position.However, Jeremy Corbyn called on May to resign, saying she had lost her mandate.

“Some people have said they have had fairly enough severity politics,” he said, repeating the pledges he made during his campaign to push for higher funding for education and health.

May's speech after the election

May made a floundering speech after the declaration of the result in her constituency. “At this moment more than any other thing, this nation needs a period of firmness,” she said, indicating she would try to form a new government even if her Conservative party loses the majority seats.

There were disappointments elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

The Scottish National Party lost significantly, in Scotland. Alex Salmond former leader of the party lost his seat. However, the Conservative Party recorded slight gains in Scotland.One of May’s closest associates, and Home Secretary Ambur Rudd, narrowly retained her seat of Hastings and Rye. After a recount that placed her with over 300 votes ahead of the Labour Party candidate.