The Daily Caller reported that 34-year-old Anthony Denson Jr. is spending some time in jail after punching a police officer in the face. The officer pulled the African-American man over because he was not wearing a seat belt. After pulling Mr. Denson over, the officer routinely asked the suspect for his license and registration. An argument then broke out and the officer asked Denson to step out of the vehicle.

Once the suspect was out, he then punched the police officer in the face. After a brief struggle, Denson then accused the officer of wanting to “shoot” him.

The officer then told Denson he was going to tase him. When the suspect arrived at the jail, he started yelling “black lives matter.” The charges consist of driving on a suspended license (second offense), obstructing justice, and assault on a law enforcement officer. The suspect remains in custody.

Black Lives Matter

Since the start of the movement, Black Lives Matter (BLM), there has been an escalation in violence directed toward cops. This includes ambushes and violent marches. In my opinion, I do not believe that BLM is taking responsibility for the event. These days, a simple traffic stop can turn deadly for the police. They always start with a simple traffic stop that usually isn’t serious.

A ticket for not wearing a seat belt is usually around $15.00 for a first offense. Driving on a suspended license usually results in a few months in jail.

However, assault on a law enforcement officer brings prison time. Sometimes I wonder why people can’t just obey the law. When anyone, white of black, breaks the law, the officer has to do his job. There is no other option to ponder.

Some people use BLM as a free ticket to break the law

When one reads the BLM manifesto, they soon realize that BLM does not endorse Breaking The Law.

That is a misconception for many of these young black youths today. They think that when they break the law, all they have to do is yell “black lives matter,” and the cop has to immediately let them go. That is not the case, and never will be.

Taking responsibility for our own actions is a dying event these days. We can see it when we listen to politicians who have lost their elections. Since the presidential election in 2016, Hilary Clinton has blamed everyone but herself, along with most of her liberal supporters. Not all of her supporters were holding violent protests and participating in riots. Yet the ones who were, I believe, ruined the election for Clinton. I believe things would have turned out differently if she commanded them to stop and condemned their behavior. In retrospect, the last debate between Trump and Clinton was the breaking point. In the same way, yelling that black lives matter when one gets caught breaking the law will not accomplish anything.