The Professor of Essex County College (ECC) that appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight has been suspended. The activist and advocate for Black Lives Matter was suspended from the college indefinitely following her rant against white people on the Fox show. The rant brought much backlash due to the nature of her views. On social media, her ranting was called racist. The views are the opposite of what Black Lives Matter say they stand for.

Lisa Durden was told by the college that she must cancel all her classes and report to the college’s human resources dept., two days after the interview.

The June 6th interview has been the start of her career ending in embarrassment. When interviewed by The Star-Ledger, Durden claimed that the college publically “lynched” her in front of her students. “They did this to humiliate me,” Durden said in the interview. Durden remains suspended, following a review by the college.

The Interview

Lisa Durden’s Views

On the show, Durden defended a “black only” Memorial Day party, organized by Black Lives Matter. At the party, all white people were asked to leave. Durden said that “Whites” have their “white only” celebrations, and Blacks should have theirs too. She claimed that Gay Pride parades were only for the LGBTQ people, and Mexican day was only for the Mexicans.

Carlson then told her that all races were welcome to these parties.

Tucker then condemned her defense of the ”black only party.” Mrs. Durden then went on to say “boo hoo hoo, poor white people,” as the interview heated up. She then said that whites are complaining because their “white privilege card was invalid.” After this interview, Durden's ability to teach was questioned by the ECC.

The event sparked a Twitter Firestorm.

Who is Black Lives Matter?

According to the Black Lives Matter Manifesto, Black Lives Matter (BLM) was created in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murderer.

Trayvon was shot by a police officer in early 2012. Since then, BLM has been on the front lines, protesting anytime a black person is shot by the police. Their manifesto says that they are for the black people being victimized by the police and state officials.

The manifesto clearly doesn’t say anything about “whites” not being allowed at their gatherings. As a matter-of-fact, there are always groups of whites, protesting by their side. So, the question is: what has made Mrs. Durden so bitter? Her racist rantings went on as she claimed that “white folks” crack her up when they complain that “blacks” just want one day to be themselves. Please allow me to point the reader to black history month. This is an entire month where all the great African-Americans are honored for an entire month.