A letter published in "Newsweek" indicates there are more defections in the Trump White House. Six members of the Presidential Advisory Council for HIV/AIDS have resigned. They believe they can do more for the cause outside of Capitol Hill because the president seems uninterested in fighting the disease.

The Trump White House continues to exhibit homophobia-

From the beginning, the Trump administration had made decisions that many believe are to be homophobic and anti-LBGTQ. One of the first things the president did was to overturn protection for those in the gay community who work for the government, He also reversed the law that would protect transgender students.

Now it seems that the president has no intention of making choices that would help in the fight against Hiv And Aids.

Michelle Ogle, Lucy Bradley-Springer, Grissel Granados, Scott Schoettes, Gina Brown, and Ulysses Burley III all resigned from working on the HIV/AIDS committee. They believe that when it comes Aids and HIV that President Donald Trump simply does not care. These six individuals indicate that the Trump administration has no strategy and no plan in motion to fight against HIV/AIDS.

The future of HIV/AIDS prevention in the United States

The group stated that the Trump administration enforces policies that hurt those living with HIV and also have halted or reversed progress made regarding this disease.

They further indicated that they are dedicating their lives to wiping out HIV/AIDS while our current president who simply does not care. They pointed out that the repeal of OBAMACARE will seriously hurt those living with the AIDS virus.

It was also mentioned that as soon as Donald Trump officially became president he took down the website for the Office of National AIDS Policy.This paints a bleak picture for those in America who are fighting against HIV or AIDS.

Once again the president is not making American "great" but causing harm to those least able to help themselves. It was pointed out that the POTUS refuses to talk to experts and seek the advice of those most qualified in the area of

It was pointed out that the POTUS refuses to talk to experts and seek the advice of those most qualified in the area of HIV and AIDS.

Although these six individuals feel they will be most effective working outside of the Trump Administration they sill have hope that Congress will eventually take note of this travesty and begin working on a plan to combat HIV and AIDS. Also, Donald Trump should be held accountable for his actions.