Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and includes those conceived between April 20 and May 20. Their sign's component is Earth, which means they are strong and grounded. There are sure and negative perspectives to having a Taurus lady as a romantic mate. Enthusiastically steadfast, as both sentimental mates and companions, they are dependable and genuine. However, they might be homebodies, liking to remain home over taking off into the world and looking for experience. Here are some ideas from Astrologer Megan Wilson.

Awesome gifts for a Taurus woman

As Taurus ladies love to entertain themselves and are suckers for extravagant things, mates should pleasure their Taurus lady similarly with fine, quality gifts. No regular gifts like chocolates, flowers, or cards will get results. Rather, the list below includes a rundown of the main five presents that any Taurus lady will love.

Extravagant bath items

A Taurus lady loves to unwind in a bubble bath and after that, spoil herself with pedicures, nail trims, and facials. Make this relaxing time all the more lavish for her with quality shower things like essential oils or wonderfully scented bubble bath. Brand-type facial treatment and pedicure and nail treatment sets are other incredible gift notions.

Assembling a gift basket with various colors of nail polish, fingernail oils, emery boards, scented candles and hand cream is the perfect valued gift she will treasure. A big plus would be a pampering kit that she can use anytime she wants.

Luxurious clothing

Dress is a dependable and awesome alternative gift for a Taurus lady.

Try a cashmere sweater or a spa robe or bathrobe made of glossy silk. Another alternative is a pair of slippers in a comfortable, extravagant, and touchable texture. Match the robe and shoes with a couple of gorgeous shower trinkets like shower salts, scented oils, and tea lights with a flame holder so she has an arrangement of things to use during and after her shower.

Slipping in a manually written coupon for a free backrub on embellishing paper wouldn't hurt either.

Exquisite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets

As far as jewelry pieces, go for tastefulness and class. However, don’t purchase pieces that are too huge and gaudy. A Taurus lady needs to look elegant and simple, not loud and pompous. Buy basic pieces that have subtle chains and choose silver instead of gold. Drop earrings with a coordinating silver-anchored neckband are essential yet chic. Consider having a customized pendant made, or should she be a mom, then gift her with a pendant birthstone diamond from each of her kids. So, whatever their preference on rings, bracelets or necklaces, they will have a token of love and appreciation wherever they go.

Birthstone jewelry can always be bought pre-assembled or those buying may put them together themselves.

Extravagant perfumes and scents

Even if there are numerous perfumes and scents available, the most expensive, top of the line branded fragrances are what intrigues a Taurus lady. Brand names like Dior, Chanel, Calvin Klein and the sky’s the limit from there. Fragrances like flower and citrus are more preferred over musk type scents, especially in the spring and summer time. Fruity based fragrances in the fall and winter time are also preferred by the Taurus ladies. Gift sets of deodorants, powders and lotions are ideal, especially for the adventurous Taurean.

Designer handbags

Ladies' branded totes are an awesome gift, and some important brands incorporate Chanel and Michael Kors. It would be nice to buy a similar bag to one she owns already, but choose a different color and throw in a matching wallet or cosmetic case. She will love the gifts.