North Korea war fears are returning trump's domestic missteps still continue. Adding two and two creates real fears. Who knows what links are likely to appear?

Here is the trigger for this speculation.

A military response now exists. Moon's visit will help gin up reams of talk. Moon's the new South Korean president. He'd much rather negotiate than fight. McMaster's Trump's security advisor. His advice tends to be bellicose.

Some deep state assumptions may be in play

I am operating on the theory. that the Deep State is real and open. Since 9/11 it has had no need to hide. It is our extra-Constitutional authority -- Wall Street, Security, and Treasury. It merges neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism. It has been moving constantly to control courts. It has operated with the tacit consent of both parties. Making war is an essential economic motivation. Right and wrong are long denied by these.

Can we give legs to this speculation?

To date "deep state" is not a term that has massive circulation. It certainly is not a term that has a single meaning. It reflects the fact that we live in a world where secrecy and mystery meld and we seem to accept them as identical.

A mystery is what genuinely is unknown. A secret is something we create for exclusivity. A secret is shared by a few. A secret can be true, it can be false. To be crystal clear here is my current iteration of what I mean by deep state.

I suggest that this is reasonable.

The person speaking knows whereof he speaks. In this declension, Deep State means not good. Good requires law to have supremacy. Our Constitution saves us from dictatorship. Confuse the borders, muddy up the waters, keep the movement subtle and amorphous. We have had extra-constitutional governance since 9/11.

Perhaps a new term will be needed

Maybe "Deep State" is too confusing to have legs. But what term can do justice to our state? Our power as citizens does not exist. We have no way of saying fight or no. We have no sense that goodness has a voice. The power elite was once a term we used. Orwellian is now a word that's canonized. Confusion serves whatever name we give. When there's no good or evil cynics reign.

It comes down to the courage to speak out

Even if we flounder we must speak. There is good and evil, start with that. Good is what upbuilds and does no harm. Evil always issues in a hurt. The worst advice is, "Follow the hurtful." The best advice is. "Look within and think."