On a sad note, another black college professor is under fire for his racist views. If you are an avid reader of mine, you will know that I have written many pieces on this topic. Racism does not belong in our learning institutions. While we have the Freedom Of Speech, Colleges are for learning the subjects students pay for. Racial opinions and political views do not belong in the learning environment.

According to the Washington Times, Trinity College’s Johnny Eric Williams has made some inappropriate statements over the past few weeks. One was made shortly after the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, who was playing 2nd base at the practice game for the annual charity baseball game that Congress holds each year.

The professor made a statement that set social media on fire. The statement was: “white people are inhuman, let them f--ing die.” According to Mr. Williams, Rep. Scalise should have been left there in the field to die and the reason was because he is white.

Campus madness

Since 2015, there have been many events at our college campuses that warrant investigation. One, you may recall was at the Evergreen State College a few weeks back. The Evergreen campus was taken over by a group of African-Americans who demanded that “all white people” must leave campus immediately. Not only did a white professor refuse to leave, but the students rushed his office and wouldn’t let campus police in.

A week later, videos were released of the racial slurs the students were chanting.

When the students were made aware of the video, they demanded that the videos be taken offline. As I have said before, once something goes on the internet, it is there forever. As always, these students should have realized that their anarchist behavior would be videoed and blasted online. Now they will face a hard time when applying to the workplace after graduation.

No apologies

The professor in question has not issued any apologies for his racist statements. Also, the Trinity College president supports Mr. Williams’s free speech. Where is the backlash? While we have freedom of speech, and I support that amendment, one should not yell "fire" in a crowded venue. In a college classroom, the parents of the students pay the college to teach their kids what they signed up for.

Instead, they are learning bigotry and hatred. All across campuses in America, white students are being taught to hate their skin color or to be ashamed of who they are. This is wrong, and not what they are there to learn. What are your thoughts? Comment in the comment section below.