According to the Daily Caller, Students at the Evergreen State College are furious these days as a video has just gone viral showing their anarchic behavior. Over the past month, students at the University have been banning white people from the campus. The students in the video are shown to throw racial slurs at Caucasian students and professors. Now, as the controversy amps up, videos are being passed around all over the web. One thing is for sure, what goes on the internet is there forever. Thanks to screenshots and video download sites, posts will keep going, even after you take them down.

These students have learned this the hard way.

Evergreen State College

The college, settled in Olympia, has been under protest for the past month. The protests started when biology professor Bret Weinstein was deemed a "racist" because of his political views. Often sharing his views in his classes, the students banded together to have the white students leave campus.

When Weinstein and the other whites refused, violent protests broke out. The protesting students barricaded Weinstein in his classroom and wouldn't let anyone out or in. This also included the campus police. When the police tried to enter the classroom, threats of the officer's safety were made. Not wanting further altercations, the police entered the classroom from another entrance.

Police told to stand down

When the dean of the college was told of the problem, he ordered the police to "stand down." According to reports, the students protesting made demands to the dean. According to police, the demands were to have Weinstein fired from the university for teaching "hate." In an interview, Weinstein said: “I have been told by the Chief of Police it’s not safe for me to be on campus.”

Since the protests started, the professor has been holding his classes in a downtown Olympia Park.

According to police, that is the only way to keep the peace at the college. Until a solution is found, this is the way Weinstein's classes will be held. But now the students want the videos taken down

The video, showing the students acting unprofessional, are feared to have an impact on future job endeavors. Yet, as previously stated, what goes on the web, stays on the web. Thousands of videos have surfaced of the protests, and thousands more will crop up.The old saying has proven to be true. "If you don't want the world to see it, don't put it on the web."