In a piece published by The Daily Caller, a question arose that has many baffled by the statistics cited. According to The Daily Caller, a segment on political violence was aired on NPR. The guest being interviewed was a senior fellow at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). In the interview, not only were the statistics wrong, but the ones he got right were grossly exaggerated. See, this is the problem we generally have whenever a leftist commits a domestic terror attack.

The blame gets put on the right-wing. Not only is this irresponsible, but it also shows the lack of conviction some have for taking responsibility for one's actions.

We have been plagued with the blame game since Trump made the announcement of running for president. However, Groups like ANTIFA and the ADL, fail to see the logic of the situation.

The facts and the false claims

We as journalists have a moral obligation to only present the facts available. This interview was poorly researched at best. So, what did the one being interviews get right, and which ones were blatant lies? The interview was based on the incident that happened a couple weeks ago when the “radical leftist” opened fire on a group of Republican congressmen, practicing for a charity baseball game. The shooter, James Hodgkinson, who injured many, was a radical leftist. He came to the field and opened fire, hitting many Congressmen, including Rep.

Steve Scalise, who is still in the hospital recovering.

The Claim was that 74% of the extremist violence was committed by the far-right over the last 10 years. While this may be true, he left out the Fact that over the past two years, radical leftists have almost doubled that number. The person being interviewed classified “far-right” as being supremacists and bigots.

While there may be people with these views who consider themselves “right-wing,” they do not represent me or any real conservative.

Examples of Leftist racism

As I have pointed out in many articles I have written, racism exists on both sides. Until we realize that and stop blaming the other side, we will ever reach common ground.

While groups like the KKK are considered right wing, here lately, there has been left wing racism as well. For instance, two days ago I wrote a piece on MSNBC Host Joy Ann Reid. In the article, I pointed out that she uses a lot of racist words when she is referring to “white people.”

However, she is only one of the many. As a matter-of-fact, a college professor is under fire this week for his racist comments on social media. Lisa Durden, a professor at Essex College, was interviewed by Tucker Carlson who couldn’t stop with the racist jargon. As a result, she was terminated as a professor of the college. Another black professor has also come under fire for his anti-white views. According to the Washington Times, Johnny Eric Williams is also under fire for saying “White people are “inhuman a-holes” who need to “let them effing die” With these kinds of views coming from the leftists, the statistics are rapidly changing.